Sunday, August 31, 2008

The month of reflection
Salam Merdeka and salam Ramadhan....I'm very thankful to ALLAH for given me the opportunity to celebrate Malaysia Independence day and also the blessing month of Ramadhan.

Honestly National Day is just like any other public holiday for me before but as I grew older I started to look out for the real meaning of Independence. And the most important is how can we contribute to become a good citizen and a proud Malaysian. Even the political scenario are heated up with all burning polemics, it wont give us 'license to kill'...
happy merdeka!

Burshwood, Perth Western Australia

The month of Ramadhan is always the most meaningfull month for me. The feeling is different...that is the barakah of the month. I hope Ramadhan this time will be better than previous Ramadhan..let us finding solace and joy in this blessing month!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Salam to all my friends... Sorry for late update. I'm busy with personal matter (its a lame excuse, I know..ahaks) and for info, I'm back in Perth. After Sabah trip that day, I went to Kuching to settle few things and managed to see Sarawak Regatta 2008. Actually I'm not into the crowd, in fact I'm not comfortable to be surrounded by so many people. But it seems my passion to take photo is greater than my discomfort to be in the crowd made me go to see the event.

Sarawak Regatta, Kuching Sarawak Malaysia

After Kuching I went to KL before flying to Langkawi. I enjoyed my trip with Lin to the Lagendary island. I was in primary school since my last visit. So what can I say, Langkawi definitely had been transformed. I love the Island Hopping and also the cable car trip.

Langkawi, Malaysia

From Langkawi we went back to Kuching for my younger sister convocation. Congratulations to S on getting her master degree and wish to go back for her Phd Convocation in few year times.

Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia

From Kuching I flew back to KL and then Perth.

p/s abanglong(Novelman) sorry cannot make it to see you. I also cannot get the software. InsyaAllah my next trip ok.