Sunday, November 29, 2009

Key dondon

Im pretty excited when I saw Malay apple or also known as Tahitan apple or Spondias dulcis L. by the scientific name. In Malaysia this fruit is well known by the name of kedondong or ambra. I'm laughing out loud when I saw the label - key dondon....ummm sound like kedondong in Australian slang LOL....

My mum made the best 'jeruk kedondong' I ever taste, because its really crunchy jeruk..yummy yummy. But my favourite is ulam kedondong with sambal belacan kicap.....wallllaaaaaaa! Since my parents came over and stay for a month, so I bought a kilo of kedondong for jeruk and ulam.

Western Australia
Eid ul adha
Salam eid ul adha to all my friends. Life is all about sacrifice, no matter how small or big our sacrification. Even working to earn for living is a form of sacrifice, staying away from family because of jihad is also sacrifice and so on. However we need to translate the meaning of struggle and sacrifice in our lives into concrete actions that we can take. If we do that to get the pleasure of Allah, InsyaAllah I strongly believe that He will grant us success.

Our menu for this eid: Chicken rendang, nasi minyak, acar rampai, kuah kacang, nasi himpit, masak lodeh dan sambal tumis. And dessert is fruit custard.
The chaos in the kitchen when preparing for the dish really make it feel like raya......

Perth, Western Australia

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Hungarian Pastry

Salam...may all of my blogger friends are in good health and in the best state of Iman. Im busy with writing, thinking, writing and thinking.....owhhh so boring and tiring. Writing report is unlike writing blog entry.

Anyway I would like to share the traditional Hungarian famous pastry Kürtőskalács or Kürtős Kalács. This Hungarian pastry also known as chimney cake or stove cake. I like it very much!! I saw this pastry when I was touring the city of Budapest but not sure about the ingrediant. I just bought it at the exhibition on Hungarian Food Industry at the hotel and they explained better about the ingrediant. Moreover I can personally see the baking process of kurtos.