Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fighting for shifa
Salam…..I hope all of my blogger friends are in the best state of health and Iman. Talking about health I just read the sorrowful news about the Malaysia famous director Yasmin Ahmad who had passed away…Al Fatihah. And a few days ago I received news about a friend who had been admitted to the hospital. It gives me pause…pause for thought!

I have been through ….well I think it is a lot with all the health turbulence. At one time, hospital is just like a second home to me. But who am I to complain, when I read other bloggers experience dealing with terminal diseases or suffer from more complicated health issues, then I’m in much better shape. When I look back to a window of my yester – years, there is always a hikmah from what had happen to me. Allah had tested me with all the sickness but in return, Alhamdulilah He awarded me with strength and determination to excel in my studies, secured a good job, surrounded with peoples that I love, travel to a lot of places, blogging..ahahha

Yea, through blogging, I have the opportunity to meet a lot of new friends. And from them, I have learned to appreciate life. There are a few blogs that really strike me…and the first blog belong to cancer patient, arwah Z…Al Fatihah to him. Yea I cried badly reading through his last journey fighting for cancer. He taught me the real meaning of life and family values. Another blogger is Kassim Selamat. I had the opportunity to visit him once and really hope to see him again. From his blog, I learned about determination. I also follow Dr Ajak, a young surgeon with a bright future who was fighting against leukemia. Following his long journey fighting for this cancer, made me burst into tears. His unbearable suffer from chemo, the transplant and all the roller coaster feeling sometimes beyond our imagination. But from his writing and photos really explained what he had been through. My last trip home, I had the opportunity to meet him. He looks happy and healthy Alhamdulilah.

Another blog is belong to Muha, a young man from Pahang who is also suffer from cancer. I had the opportunity to visit him sometimes ago. What amaze me, even though he lose his sight, he still can direct us to his place. The opportunity to meet him in person, gave me the chance to see his positiveness toward life. I’m holding my tears looking at him…. His cheerfulness sometimes makes you forget that he is a person that had gone through a lot in his life. Please read this article to know more about his battle in life.

Photo with Muha, Malaysia

To all my friends who are in the battle fighting for shifa, the only thing I can offer is to make d’ua to ALLAH.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Salam all....Alhamdulilah Im now in Australia for about a week already. Im so busy with the report I need to submit and other tonnes of work waiting for my attention. My updates on my journey to UK had been stopped up till my conquest on Cumbria territory. Actually my journey then proceed to Oxford. I was forced (ahaha....I still keep the threatening email from Mrs Wan) to visit them in Oxford. I really enjoyed my short stay in Oxford and thanks to Wan for photo session, thanks to Mrs Wan and aunty for nice meal.

Im so happy and I had been waiting for many years to revisit UK after spending half of my yourthful life in UK. I just like a kid receiving candy when my boss informed me about the Hungary trip. Ok I would like to share some of my photos in Oxford including the Christ Church College's dining hall. This hall had been using as Hogwarts dining hall (used in the sorting ceremony) in the Harry Potters.
Christ Church College's dining hall a.k.a Hogwarts dining hall in Harry Potter

Oxford, UK

Punt (boat)- Lets go punting (boating) in Oxford

Student after the final exam - The students of Oxford striding about the city in black ceremonial robes, worn because this has been the custom during final exams for centuries and because the customs lends dignity and stature to the mundane act of taking a test.