Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Okra..where are you?
Bentley, Western Australia
Alhamdulilah..at last I managed to submit my work at 12 midnite yesterday and today my boss cancelled the meeting...so I went out to do some errands and relax my tired little brain. As usual, cooking is a good therapy for me ...you know just to escape from my work routine. So I did my laundry, went shopping and then I did some cooking.
The menu for today is Mackerel Asam Pedas and pak choi oyster sauce. For asam pedas, I add up tomato and okra but as usual, when I need something, I have to go around to search for it but when I dont need it it always around...iskkkkk. Thats what happened today when I'm looking for okra...or in Malaysia we called it lady finger or in Malay we call it Bendi. I end up found the frozen baby okra after I went to a few places!!!! I love that asam pedas but poor my bro in law because its too hot for him...errrk sorry.
On saturday recently I went to another open house by kak F. My friend picked me at the office in the afternoon. At first I dont want to go but for the second thought, I still need my lunch so why not...I never regret..the food is good...especially rendang dind ding ek...the famous rendang in Perak....and yesterday another open house...the last open house I guess. I went there at noon and then drove back to the ofiice and stayed till midnite. Tomorrow I will start another work marathon...wish me luck..

Friday, October 17, 2008

Please...give me back the Syawal spirit!!!!

Open house 1

Open house 2

Salam syawal to all my friends..sorry for my absent in this blogging world. The same and traditional excuse is of course Im busy. Im really tight with my work. I have to prepare for my presentation in Chiang Mai and my boss want it to be ready this week. I had been working like a dog to finish it but at the same time I have to settle my other job too. Sometimes life is all about work work work. Well, nothing is easy in life and to achieve our dream its all need to pay off with hard work. I will try to spend time to visit you guys...since I cant go for physical visit for syawal..so I have to do it virtually..ahaks. Enjoy the clips above....my visit to the open house at the beginning of syawal. What can I say, Syawal abroad is much happening as compare to Malaysia. I think the main reason is because you are away from home and visiting friends is consider a must. You treat your friends like family here. When I was in Malaysia, I keep on wondering why neighbours, freinds or even relatives didnt come to visit...during my childhood, people just simply come, they dont wait for open house or they dont have to think twice about it. The door always open for the guest. But now people prefer to stay at home watching tv or go for holiday. Please give me back the syawal spirit.. I dont want my grandchildren to lose their identity, their faith, their boundary.....

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pre and post raya update

We celebrated raya on wednesday, 1st oct, so the night before we were invited by friend to his house for tahlil and takbir!!

'Masak bermasak' for open house - the night before raya - menu: beef rendang, peanut sauce, glutinous rice, chicken soto, mi rebus and bingka cheese.

My two nephew playing firecracker...its really a suprise to find firecracker in Australia...

We performed our sunnatul eid ul fitri at Masjid Al Hidayah, Hepburn which is on the way to Joondalup.

Sermon or Khutbah raya in Malay and English. This masjid is well known among malays in Perth in fact it is known as masjid melayu..