Saturday, November 29, 2008

Transgenesis by Amir Husaini

Wilson, Western Australia

Bagi saya novel ini sesuai untuk bacaan peringkat awal remaja dan ke atas. Ia merupakan suatu novel sains fiksyen yang amat menarik. Saya jarang menjumpai novel sains fiksyen dalam bahasa Melayu dan apabila membaca novel ini, saya rasakan kekuatan novel ini terletak kepada kreativiti penulis menghubungkaitkan jalan cerita dan dunia sains. Pembaca didedahkan kepada asas sains yang memang di pelajari di sekolah, contoh mudahnya proses fotosintesis. Asas sains ini diolah agar menjadi satu jalan cerita yang menarik. Secara peribadi, saya berharap pembaca terutama peringat awal remaja agar memiliki novel ini. Ibu bapa juga hendaklah mengalak anak-anak membaca novel sains fiksyen agar dapat memupuk kecintaan anak-anak kepada dunia sains. Amat menyedihkan masih ramai anak-anak bumiputera yang tidak meminati dan lemah dalam bidang sains (saya tidak mempunyai unjuran statistik tapi cikgu-cikgu sains sila beri pandangan anda).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friend, Saudara Amir Husaini for giving me this novel with his signature on. Really appreciate it and many thanks. I hope he will write more science fiction novel to incalculate positive interest among younsters in science. Saudara Amir is a qualified scientist (by qualification) himself and expert in Science and philosophy. Err by the way, saudara Amir I like your first novel too..ehehehe

Friday, November 21, 2008

After Friday prayer, I went to Bunning to hire a Ute. Owhh by the way, we managed to rent a detached house, Alhamdulilah. Basically we already moved out all our stuff except the matress. So, I planned to move the mattress and at the same time to pick up the dinning tables that I bought last week. There is no free delivery service, they charged around AUD$40 just to send the dinning table set. So might as well I rent a ute, so I can kill two bird with one stone..umm. But things happened...We only moved the matress since the dining tables cannot be collected after two. Im so mad because they didnt inform us about it. I thought it would be open like office hours. Partly its my mistake too, I should always ask.

Daun kesum or Laksa leaves

So, I booked the ute again on Monday noon just to collect the dinning table...such a hassle. After returning the ute, I went to the plant and herbs section in this gigantic Bunning warehouse. I saw lot of herbs expecially the english herbs such as basil, oregano, parsley etc. But there is Laksa leaves....yesss! I had been looking for laksa leaves or known as Vietnamese coriander or in Malaysia it is called daun kesum. I did heard about laksa leaves in Perth and people did mentioned that we can buy it in Bunning. At last I found it. So it is easy to cook laksa penang or even assam pedas....yummyyy. I hope that laksa leaves will grow well over the summer. I just got to know that daun kesum is also known as Vietnamese coriander (rau ram) because Vietnamese people commonly eaten fresh daun kesum. It's not only in Vietnam but also Thailand (pak pai) and Cambodia (chi krasang tomhom).

ute=pick up or utility truck

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Karawara, Western Australia

Yesterday I went to a friend house, Kak F and abg R. They celebrated their daughter’s birthday. Happy birthday to A, she is now 3 years old.

By the way, we are moving out. The previous house is a town house terrace concept. Since we have always received complaint from neighbour next door, we decided to rent a detached house. Our neighbour doesn’t understand the concept of having kids (fair enough; they have no kid themselves). You can’t just simple stop the kids from making any noise, cry or whatsoever. My two little nephews are too young to understand and you can’t simply said quiet. Looking for a house is not easy and when you move to a new house you need a lot of money for the bond and etc. There is a lot of work to do as well, to transfer the phone, electricity, water and internet service to a new place. Since the new house is unfurnished, so need to spend money to buy fridge, washing machine and at least basic furniture. I hope this will be the last house and can’t afford to move again.
But a good lesson I can learn from this situation is that be patience and tolerate to others.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Justin Timberlake said....

Salam...thanks for the comments, I mean the previous entry below..ahahaha. There are many reactions from friends but I'm not in the state of upset with something or what...I wrote the entry just to remind myself .... Alhamdulilah, there are still lot of people aware about bragging and at least we can work it out together...with simple approach, self reflection. I know it is hard to become humble...but at least we are trying to be one. And we need to treat people with full respect and yea I'm agree with Justin Timberlake, "What Goes Around Comes Around".

Western Australia

Last month there was a Pasar Malam (5pm till late) organised by International student association in one of the university here. I'm so excited and I came early (at 5 pm)...since there were so many food, i'm confused myself. I didnt know what to buy really. So, at last I bought Nasi Lemak and ayam percik. Satay vendor reallly made profit that night. There were a long queve as people line up to buy satay...and most of them are local people here. I think Oz people like satay very much.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Hey...I'm the boss ok Burshwood, Western Australia

Salam to all my friends. I really want to write about this matter for quite sometimes…bragging. When we talk about bragging…the scope is very wide and you can see different kind and ways of bragging…why??? Because it involve human and human are very colourful in term of personality. I think bragging is a part of us but the degree of bragging makes it different between others. The same concept with ego and when it is too much, people will feel irritated.

Me myself tend to do it as well…. unintentionally…When I talk to much, sometimes it just spit out or I might choose the wrong words or I might acting as if I’m so good…that’s why sometimes we need to review back what we had done. Little that I want to hurt my friends, other people etc but sometimes things happen.

Back to the issue, I used to experience how sad I’m when people treat me like I’m nobody. Even my own relative and because they are somebody… title-bearing people, rich, high status quo and bla bla bla…they can brags so much that some of their comments were on the fringe of being irrational and unbelievable. As well as bragging some of them also puts other family members down as if they are the only clever, rich people on the planet earth.

Even some of the bosses are so bossy…they don’t be bothered to greet their staff or coolie ‘good morning’ or even smile…. Their concept is..I’m the boss and the staffs should greet me…not the other way round. The same thing at the university….my friend who are doing his Phd keep on complaining how boastful his supervisor…. as if she is the cleverest person on the entire if she is the only person with prof or associate prof. What make it worst..some of them are very proud of failing some students….If in other country supervisor can treat their Phd student as a friend..why not in Malaysia. If the boss in the other country can treat their employee with dignity, why not us… Hey come on la…for God sake…its all from ALLAH.

I pray to ALLAH that I wont be like that and I want to become a humble man. If we don’t want to be treated badly, so do the other people. Put ourself in their shoes..nuture our heart to be sympathetic. Having a sympathetic heart will make us aware of the human nature, their strength and weakness made by Allah S.W.T. This will prevent us from becoming proud and arrogant. Proud and arrogant people are damn by Allah S.W.T.