Friday, December 21, 2007

Three stooges
Starbuck, Cheras Selatan, Malaysia
I have a great chances to meet Saudara(uncle) Budin and Uncle J few days ago. Saudara Budin picked me up at LRT station Bandar Tun Razak. He arrived early and I saw him standing at the station while talking on his mobile. I saw his picture before but mind you he is different. At first I'm pretty sure that was him but when I passed by there was no reaction from him as if he didn't expecting to meet someone. I walked straight to the gold merc. He described his car and the plat number instead of describing himself..ahaks. Maybe his car is much easier to describe as compared to complicated himself ekekeke (just kidding aaa) from the other end I sms him. I can see his action replying my sms. He text me " mana u angkat tangan"... I would love to angkat kaki ekekekeke... at last I end the hide and seek game and told him that I'm standing at the other end through sms. We have a great chit chat at the Starbuck Cheras Selatan and Uncle J joined us a bit late due to his other commitment. One of the hot issue that we have a good laugh was about my age. Saudara Budin revealed when he first saw me he thought that I'm "budak sekolah" ahaks....I take it as a compliment......uhuhuhu

Uncle J, Arsaili & Sdr Budin
I'm confortable with both of the otai ( old timer - thanks Kelana for sharing this term) eventhough there is a big age gap. There are very friendly and knowledgeable as well.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Eid'ul Adha
I would like to wish all of you Happy Eid ul Adha. May our sacrifice will always be blessed by Allah. May the fruits of sacrifice, obedience and trust, which the Eid ul Adha teaches, prevail and continue after celebrating this blessed day.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

updated(Fri, 11.40 am)...Back for hols

Fuhhhh.. What a relief!! My sister and her family pretty ok now..I did help them to settle down and its time for me to go. I know they should be ok because it is not the first time they lived abroad.
I will be leaving this evening at 5.30 pm from Perth to Kuala Lumpur for my hols and work. So I would apologise if I could not visit you guys’ blog that frequent. InsyaAllah I will see some of you in KL…
They are here!
Perth International Airport, Western Australia

I went to the airport at 4.30 pm and the traffic was quite busy. When I reached at the arrivals terminal, I can see lot of people but deep down I knew that they will be late. So while waiting for my sister and her family, I can see people with banners, flowers, balloons, and even toys in the basket. They were so excited waiting for friends and family. I can see love, happiness, caring and many positive things…they hugged, they kissed, they smiled, they cried but all for the same reason… happy to meet up again with their loved ones. My sister and family stuck with the immigration procedures and they only get out at around 5.30 pm. We hugged and I’m happy to see them especially my two nephews. My sister complained how difficult travelling with small kids. Luckily it was only a short journey and my youngest nephew was not that cranky while on board. I still remember when she was in US, it took her more than 24 hours with few transits. According to my sister, they had a very good “drama air mata” at the airport. I know my parents are very sad and will miss their only two grandchildren. Well it is good in away that we can easily persuade them to come and stay with us here even for a short term…ahaks…

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pre-raya Haji shooting
Bentley, Western Australia
Last Saturday after Asar, I went to Kak Ij house. There was a pre-raya Eid ul Adha shooting by RTM. Three RTM crew came down to Perth for the shooting..geng Saudara Budin..uhuhu .
So we have to wear our raya suit. But what I like most is the food…ahaks. There was a lot of food on that day. I did contribute nasi himpit…and it kept me busy all night long because I was in the process of moving. While I did some packing and cleaning, I boiled 3 big packet of nasi himpit which contained of 18 small packets. Since I only have a small pot to boil it, so I need to do it many times. A few packets of nasi himpit had burned because I fall asleep..uhuhuhu. By the way, it was the first time ever I eat “daging rebus” with “air asam”. It’s very nice and according to Kak Ij this is special dish among ‘orang utara”... is it true my my “utarian” friends…saudara wira, saudara Kelana…who else from utara?? aha...TokMoh the kedahan..ehehe

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Home sweet home
Bentley, Western Australia
Alhamdulilah, my application to rent a new house with 3 rooms had been successful. But the rent is very expensive, AUD$385 perweek. Due to the difficulty to find a house and the time constraints I had no choice but just grabbed it. In fact that was my strategy to get a house, apply for expensive but furnished house for less competition. The reason why I need to move is solely because my sister and her family will reside here. The problem to rent in this country, the tenant must be here in order to sign the agreement. Therefore, to make sure the house is ready for them once they arrive, so I decided to rent the house under my name and add their names in the lease later. It works that way, so for now on I will stay with them and share the rent. My sister and brother in law with my two nephews will be arriving here next week. I finished moving my stuffs to the new house and still doing some cleaning to the old house. The hand over of the old house might be on Monday or Tuesday..Fuhhh what a tiring and stressing activites. Next time I will use the moving agent, just pay and they will settle it for us. But on second thought, I don’t think I’m rich enough to pay for the service..ahaks!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

You've Got Mail

Technology Park, Western Australia

I was pleasantly surprised, and quite pleased actually when I received the card yesterday. When Van passed it to me, he said that someone send you a chirstmas card. I laughed and explained to him that I don't celebrate Christmas. When I open it, was an Eid ul Fitri Card from Kassim Selamat. Umm, maybe he wanted to send me Eid ul Adha card... but when I doubled check the date stamped on the was send few months ago. Ahaks.... When I asked Van, he told me that card had been arrived here but they thought the receiver is in Northam. So they send it over there and since nobody by that name in Northam, they send it back here. No wonder it takes months for me to get it... anyway thank KS, really appreciate it.

I was tagged by Aunty Jun on this "about me" tag. So here it goes:-

1. A movie that made you laughs.
For sure there is a few but I always like the Wedding Planner

2. A book that makes you cries.
A child called “it” by Dave Pelzer’s – The Heartbreaking true story of the abused Child

3. A Best Friend.
Too many

4. A favorite childhood memories
A strange things that happened where my sis and I found a pair of swan in my dad store room. There was a rabbit at our verandah but gone in a few minutes. We then found a tortoise crawling near the verandah as well. It all happened on the same day. Late that evening it was raining heavily. Till now I don’t know the reason why so many animal visited our house on that particular day and where did they come from.

5. Your favorite animal.

6. Your favorite food
Chicken rice, Nasi Kerabu with extra budu, Kuew teow goreng, tomyam (not etomyam..ahaks)

7. An item of clothing you cannot do without.
all...inside n outside wears

8. Something you collect.
Coins, stamps (best childhood hobby uhuhu), fridge magnets, novels

9. Your favorite store to shop in.
Jaya jusco, IGAs, IKEA

10. Your favorite flower.
Lilies – because Lin loves this flower…

I would like to pass this tag to : Dean, Aunty Antulawa, Intan

Have fun !!!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ero qui.... Pisa, Italy
I just finished meeting with my boss . Three hours long!!!!! Fuhhh..I'm mentally exhausted. There were so many input I need to take note and deal with. So it will keep me busy for the whole week. I will stay up tonight to plan out what I need to do and settle few urgent tasks. How I wish I can go for holiday at this moment of time.

Errr..let me share a photo about my trip to Italy many years ago. So you can see the younger version of me..ahaks. It always my dream to visit all the seven wonders in the world (but now so many listing on the seven wonders of the world….umm clashed of interest perhaps) but I managed to visit only a few places and one of them was the homeland of the famous Galileo Galilei (Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher) to visit the leaning tower of Pisa. Do you know that this world known building is totally a mistake? But Strange enough that such a colossal miscalculation by the architect has instead been embraced as a symbol of civic pride. I enjoyed this trip very much except we went at the wrong time that was in the peak summer.

In 2004 if I’m not mistaken, I went to Perak for a course and I met my ex-housemate. He drove me to Teluk Anson or now known as Teluk Intan to visit the younger cousin of the leaning tower of Pisa which is known as the leaning tower of Teluk Intan. I just made the comparison of those two monuments.

We must not say every mistake is a foolish one.
Cicero (106 BC - 43 BC)

Monday, December 03, 2007

Iqra, read, baca

Mill Points , Western Australia

Friday last week, my friends asked me if I would like to join them for jogging at Mill Points. Umm the place sound familiar but I never been there. Actually it is only by the Swan River which is not that far from my house. At first I’m a bit reluctant to go but after the second thought, I agreed to join them. Due to my health problem, I didn’t jog with them. I brought a novel and sat at the bench facing the swan river. That novel was given by Oshun Muhammad a.k.a Opah D quite sometimes ago but due to many work loads I have no time to read. All my reading novel activities had been stop to give more time for reading the academic journal (ahaks..very dry reading material). So I grabbed this opportunity to finish my reading on “Ninja Kunaharo – Misteri Kelubung Putih". So this is my review;

Novel yang di tulis oleh Oshun Muhammad memang mengibas kembali zaman awal remaja saya. Saya memang terdedah dengan novel-novel sejak kecil lagi dan merupakan peminat siri 5 Sekawan oleh Enid Bylton. Saya berpendapat novel Ninja Kunaharo ini dapat membawa pembaca menyelami jalan cerita yang begitu menarik. Saya sendiri kekadang tersenyum apabila menbaca novel ini dan bahasa yang digunakan amat bersesuaian untuk peringkat umur awal remaja. Di samping memaparkan unsur humor penulis juga telah berjaya mengetengahkan nilai-nilai murni yang boleh mencetus kesedaran di kalangan golongan pembaca sasaran.

That is my short review of Ninja Kunaharo – Misteri Kelubung Putih. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean because I got this novel from the writer then I give a positive review on her book. But honestly this is very interesting 'masterpiece' for young teenagers. Parents should encourage their kids to read, not only this particular novel but any good reading material. We want to cultivate the reading habits among Malaysian and it should start from the early age. The existence of the writers like Oshun will forward wide range of quality materials for reading. I hope she will keep on writing different series of Ninja Kunaharo. I told my friends to buy this novel and all different series so that their kids can have their own collection.

I have a good collection of novel from my favorite’s author such as Micheal Palmer, Danielle Steel, Nicholas Spark, Jodi Picoult, John Grisham, Norhayati Berahim, Norzailina Nordin and many more. But now, I have to slow down and reduce the number of fiction books and concentrate more on non-fiction stuff such as academic journals….because one of my bad habits, once I read the novel, I can’t stop. I will keep on reading till I finish and I don’t be bother what happen around me..ahaks!!!