Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wildflower September - 4
Kings Park Festival, Western Australia

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wildflower September - 3
Kings Park Festival, Western Australia

Ok I got a virus a.k.a I have been tagged by Hairie and Cikgu Putra here is the antidote...

1. Sejak bila anda mula berpuasa penuh??
I think when I’m in primary three…not 100% sure..ehehe

2.Pernahkah anda ponteng puasa dan apakah alasannya??
I’m used to fast for a half day when I was in Kindergarten…ahaks… I did escaped from fasting when I was sick.

3.Adakah anda pernah bermain bunga api dan mercun??
Umm sure I did…in fact there was one incident the mercun blew on my finger and I’m shocked to death..luckily my fingers still intact..after that I hold the mercun wif stick..(instead of insaf, I became more creative)...ngeh3x

4.Juadah apakah menjadi kegemaran anda sewaktu berbuka??
My mum’s cooking, Nasi Kerabu, Bubur Pedas..yum3x

5.Lagu raya manakah yang anda suka??
the oldies of hari raya…Sanisah Huri, P Ramlee, Sharipah Aini and the modern song by sifu M Nasir and also Siti Nurhaliza

6.Tahun ini anda beraya di mana??
InsyaAllah I want to celebrate raya in Malaysia…or else just celebrate with Kangaroo

7.Pernahkah anda bertugas di hari raya??
Nope ….except I got lecture on Hari Raya..uwaaa

8.Apakah kenangan paling manis di hari raya??
Hari Raya always a happiest and sweetest moment for me...but one of the sweetest memory when I started working and celebrated raya with my own money to buy all the raya preparations.... ahaksss
Wildflower September - 2
Kings Park Festival, Western Australia
I met my supervisor on Tuesday. The consultation day is supposed to be every Monday. Unfortunately she was too busy so she rescheduled it on Tuesday. It was about 2 hours meeting and there were a lot of thing to attend to. I’m not really happy with one issue because I submitted the task to her last month. But since she was too busy, she didn’t deal with it till we had passed the date line. The reason I submitted it early because I know there will be a lot of changes and correction. So at least if she deals with it earlier, she will allow me an ample time to do all the correction. Since that was not the case, then I’m became the victim here. She asked me to edit the task and submit to her on Wednesday morning because it was long overdue. And I knew that I can’t finish it on time only if I stay up. After the meeting I was doing the work till 5.30 pm. I went home for my iftar and by then I remembered I need to go to the airport. I promised to G & M to fetch their parents from Indonesia. Promise is promise so at 9 pm, I went to fetch G and drove to the airport. My other friend drove her car with M and we convoyed to the airport. We got back from the airport at about 10.30 pm then I went straight to my work station to continue with my unfinished business. I managed to get it done by 3.30 am and send to my supervisor by email. I went home for Sahur and after Subuh at around 5, I went straight to bed. Luckily my shift only starts at 11.30 am. So I woke up at 9.30 am and get myself ready for work. Fuhhhh…I hate this situation and I hate last minute job. But sometimes in life we need to face it but if possible try to avoid it. Do you know that Stress may make your age faster? Ouchhh there are lines on my forehead…ahaks!!!

p/s Lin said sleep is the best stressbuster!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wildflower September - 1
Kings Park Festival, Western Australia

Monday, September 24, 2007

The joy of break fasting with Bruneian friends -2
Beef layer cake, Bentley Western Australia
Thanks to my friends, for the invitation. Really enjoy the food. There were briyani, chicken curry, beef stew, mixed vege, lamb ribs, fruits, noodle and even ikan masin.. delicious… I brought beef layer cake ..which I baked that Saturday afternoon. Actually I got to know Mat when he first came to the University. I had a short meeting with his lecturer, Dr Chris. At that time, Dr. Chris brought all new students for a visit to the main campus. Right after discussion, Mat approached us and Dr. Chris introduces him to me. Then we had a short conversation and exchanged telephone number. Pity him because he was based in one of the isolated campus which is about 2 hours from Perth.. There is no life in that small town..just like small cowboy town. I had been there once. So, he told me his difficulties to get halal meat etc. I offered him to come down to Perth the following week after we first met. He stayed overnight at my house and we went to halal butcher to buy his food stock. But at last he changed his course and moved to Bentley. He can’t stay in that town and being the only Muslim in that campus. He joined his other Bruneian friends and stay with them.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The joy of break fasting with Bruneian friends

Bentley,Western Australia

Friday, September 21, 2007

Mi Hailam
Victoria Park, Western Australia
Yesterday I was so busy at my workstation. I managed to see my sensei to discuss few things and it kept me busy all day. Later in the afternoon, my friend asked me if I want to go to Fremantle for Fish and Chips but I didn't feel like going. I was very tired mentally and physically uhuhu. Almost 5 pm I went to the butcher and IGA (supermarket) to buy ingredient for Mi Hailam. Earlier, I did check the recipe on the net and it’s pretty simple. Once I reached home I started my cooking session immediately. I only have less than half an hour before break the fast. Alhamdulilah, I finished cooking on time...walla...Mi Hailam!!!
Murdoch, Western Australia

After working on Sunday morning (before the month of ramadhan) a friend of mine picked me up at home. We had an invitation from a friend in Murdoch. We planned to visit them many times but keep on postponed due to other commitments. But recently during the Merdeka Fest they had invited us again. So we made it this time. On the way, we stopped to buy drinks since I had no time to prepare anything. We thought just both of us but there were other three family as well. Goshhh..I'm not really close to all of them.....what an akward situation..uhuhuhu!!! I considered myself as social handicapped unless I know the person. It wasn' that bad but I tend to be a little bit quiet. I wouldn't talked much then.... Maybe there were so many people and I didn't know how to join I just smiled and rather become a listener. The food served was very good. There were mi siam, laksa terengganu and capati with spinach chicken curry. It was my first time to eat mi siam.. I don't know much about mi siam but i guessed it from siam.... ahaks..

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

There is no excuse!
Frementle, Western Australia

I met my colleague this morning. She told me that her supervisor allowed her to pray during her shift and she even suggested a few places that she can perform her prayer. When she got the job offer earlier, she did ask me about this matter. As for man, it’s much easier for me to pray and it wouldn’t take long and in fact my shift this time allowed me to pray at home or mussola. There is no clashed since I’m not on duty before Zuhur till after Asar or before Asar till after Margrib. Even on Friday I told my supervisor that I couldn’t work between 12 till 3 because I need to go for Friday prayer. So I asked her to explain to her supervisor about the matter. She did and the response was very positive. What I’m trying to highlight here, I’m very glad that non-Muslim aware of our duty to Allah. They are very positive and open about it. Thats why I’m very proud to share with my supervisor about Islam. He’s very curious about it and asked a few question regarding it. For me it’s a form of dakwah, to introduce Islam to non-Muslim. At least now he knows that Muslim people need to pray 5 times and they also need to fast during the Ramadhan. I told my friend, at least she set the precedent, so in the future it will much easier for other Muslim to work in this organization At least the employer are well aware about our duty and with the hope that they will make it easy for us. On the other side, I heard my friend told me there is a few cases in Malaysia where the Muslim people are in difficulties to pray during their working hours. This is ridiculous, Malaysia as a Muslim country (even many people argue about it) still facing this kind of issues. I believed we must fight for our right wherever we are. For example before in Malaysia, TV presenter was not allowed to wear headscarf but at least now they are open about it. This regulation is all set by human so we can change it whenever we want….right! My experienced living in western countries so far alhamdulilah..Allah makes it easy for me. I used to pray on the parking lot, on the park, on the bus station and everywhere…. I bet most of us who used to live in Western Countries did experience the same thing. And of course it easy for man like me, but for women they really need to find a place which is a bit isolated. Lin told me as for women, they are very shy if people see their movement during the prayer. That’s why women are encouraged to wear suitable dress (loose and long dress) so it will be easier for them to perform their prayer everywhere. Ahakss...try not to talk about food...uhuhu but I can foresee food is always an interesting topic to discuss..ehehe

Monday, September 17, 2007

yum yum yum
Victoria Park, Western Australia
Yesterday, we decided to break fast at one of the Indonesian Restaurant which is not far from my house. We supposed to go with our Indonesian friends but unfortunately they can't make it. So my friend and I just proceed with the plan. Then, only on this coming wedneday we will breakfast with our Indonesian friends. But we haven't decided the place, but there's a few choices just wait and see. Yesterday we ordered fried watercrest (kangkung goreng belacan), deep fried beef (daging empal), omelet, and roasted fish with sambal belacan. Ummm, it was really good. It had been a long time to have proper food like this..uhuhuhu. But it did cost us an arm and a leg...about AUD$33…ahaks... Ohh, forgot to mention that I had ordered ais cendol too...nice nice nice...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Dates, Victoria Park Western Australia
The month of Ramadhan will always be associated with tamr or dates. Maybe it just likes Chinese whom are well allied with mandrin orange during the Chinese New Year.
We may note that the Sunnah commends dates for the breaking of the fast in Ramadhan. The great worth of dates is also indicated in a famous and beautiful passage of the Qur'an, surah Maryam, verses 25-6:
"And shake towards you the trunk of the palm-tree and it will drop on you fresh ripe dates. So eat and drink and be comforted".
Personally I don't really like dates because it’s too sweet but I do take it for break fast. Every year, my dad will buy dates for Ramadhan...well its kind of a long established custom in my family. So, during the breakfast, dates will be always on the table. He likes date and as for me, I don't really into it. I think fresh dates suit me better, it’s not too sweet. For this Ramadhan, I'm totally forgotten about dates till a friend of mine gave me a box of it. JazakaAllah khir to my friend!!! So, there is no reason for not taking dates for breaking fast..ahaks…

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Eye relaxation
Rottnest Island, Western Australia
During this holy month, we are not only asking to restrain ourself from food and drink but it is in wider context. We need to observe” fasting from evil" with eyes too.
Let see the amazing creation of Allah...the beautiful scenery is just awesome!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Tarawih at Mussola, Bentley (video clip after 8 rakaat)

What a hectic day...after finishing my shift this afternoon, a friend of mine had introduced me to brother Wassim, a Jordanian. He just arrived in Perth and had been looking for temporary accommodation. Right after lunch (we had our lunch at Sahara CafĂ©, an Indian restaurant) we went to look for YMCA in Perth city. I know there is one cheap YMCA but usually it is fully book. You really need to book at least 1 week earlier. We just walked in and he' was very lucky to get the room…only one room left at that time. It cost him AUD$39 per night but after student discount he only pay for AUD$31. Then we went to Riverdale to pick his baggage and send it back to the YMCA. After that we rushed back to Bentley to perform our Margrib prayer. He asked us to leave him at the mussola since he managed to contact his friend. So, I just leaved my mobile number in case he needs any help later. After Margrib I decided to stay for Tarawih. There was a little confusion because some people said that Ramadhan will start tomorrow and some people argue that it will be on Friday. So after Isya, the mussola committee made an announcement saying that we will start fasting tomorrow. So, I continued with Tarawih but I was only performed 8 rakaat……uhuhuhu ..Can’t afford to do 20..ahaksss... opsss I just received an email from the President of CMSA while writing this entry to confirm that we will start fasting tomorrow;
As-Salamu ^Alaykum Brothers and sisters in Islam. Today is the 30th ofSha^ban and hence tomorrow is the first day of Ramadan. There is a bitof debate as to whether today is the 30th or not. I know from mycolleagues in the eastern states who have released a prayer calendarrecently that today, according to them is the 30th of sha^ban and Iknow that Saudi also is in the 30th of sha^ban so my self I cannotargue with this and Insha-'Allah tomorrow will be Ramadan. And I alsoknow that the majority of the Islamic countries are also fasting onthursday. Ramadan Kareem to everybody and Insha-Allah I will see youall at the Iftar tomorrow night at the Mushalla. Abdul Gane

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kena tag

Araluen, Western Australia

Someone tagged me today...and that someone is Sam you go...
Eight random facts/habits about me
1. Perfectionist

# According to Lin and my collegues, I'm perfectionist. Difficult to work with and very fussy....uhuhuh..whatever!

2. Bookworm
# I like to read news and novel. If I read, I don't like to stop and if possible I want to finish at one go.

3. Travel maniac
# Travelling to new places is always my passion. I hope I can concquer the world! ahaks...

4. Photography maniac
# I know nothing about photography but I like to take day will go for short courses..lalalala

5. Poor language skill
# I'm not gifted in language, Malay or English. But quite good in Sarawak dialect.

6. Loves cooking
# I loves cooking whenever I'm free and stress. Cooking is kind of stress-reliever... But in Malaysia, I prefer to eat not to cook...ekekeke..

7. Spendthrift
# Some people said I'm generous (@#%&*%$), but I rather feel I'm spendthrift..pemboros..uhuhuhu

8. High symphaty and emphaty
# Easily sorry for another person and feel just like another person.....sentimental ..ahaks..But beware I can easily become a monster once I'm angry...uhuhuhu

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I like to tag these blogger

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Merdeka Fest 2007 - II
Supreme Court Garden, Perth Australia

Merdeka..merdeka merdeka..talking about Independent day, I have no specific nostalgia that I can refer too. For me independent day is just like any public holiday or weekend where I can stay at home, a good break for the routine. During my schooling time, it’s the time to study, do my homework or watch television. I don’t really go out and watch all the parades or any program organize in conjunction with merdeka celebration. It’s not only merdeka but all other events. The crowd really makes me headache and it seem not worth it to squeeze myself around so many people. I rather stay and relax at home or go out for food..Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan. When I was in UK, the same thing happened. I’m really into anything and busy with my studies. I can’t remember any single think about celebrating Merdeka in UK. But after reading the entry from Jeff Rockers…I just realized that we were celebrating our 50th Independent day and I don’t even have any single story to relate myself with this remarkable celebration. And if my future generation asks me what I did during the 50th independent day, I will have no answer for that. That’s why I decided to go for the Merdeka Fest 2007 at Supreme Court Garden, Perth. Don’t get me wrong, all this while it doesn’t mean I don’t love my country, it’s just that I have my own way to celebrate it. Even though I’m reluctant to join the Merdeka celebration events, but at least I did my own ritual..improving myself, be good citizen and make sure I have all the good quality as being a Malaysian. If you see most of the youngsters take this opportunity as an excuse to indulge themselves with the negative activities. You can read the endless news after the count down of detik 12 malam. How many people get killed, get themselves drunk, and all sort of not harmonized activites? Back to Merdeka Fest 2007 in Perth, Alhamdulilah it can be rated as excellent. Most of the people enjoyed it and Malaysian from different races; Chinese, Malay and Indian had celebrated it together.In fact there were local and international people came and joined us on that day. There were a Lion dances, Joget, Indian dance, traditional games, Malaysian food and etc. We even got a small flag…our Jalur Gemilang. I also had the opportunity to play congkak…traditional games..and I'm so proud that I won the games…uhuhuhu ..Anyway it was just one round and we need to give space to others to play. Kids also have their own activities. Now I have my own sweet memory in celebrating our 50th Independent Day. Hidup Malaysia!!!!!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Merdeka Fest 2007 - I

Spreme Court Garden, Perth Western Australia

Sorry the video clip is not that clear. So many amateur photographer interframed...ahaks!! But it's great performance by UWA - Malaysian Undergrad. What's really matter is their iniative and willingness to participate in this festival, Proud to be Malaysian!!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Beautiful Day
Bently, Western Australia
Yesterday morning, the parking lot was pretty full but I spotted the best parking space …..Yessss!!!! Indeed it was my lucky day. I just made 1 round to get the parking and what more it was the best parking. On the way to my workplace, I saw there were lot of stalls along the walkway. They sold all different kind of stuff such as watches, clothes, plants and books. I just walked straight down the walkways. Suddenly someone stopped me and offered me a Double Strength Iced Coffee. I was about to refuse but I reckoned that was for I just took it and wished her many thanks with sweetest ever smile..uhuhuhu….of course you feel delighted when someone give you free drink except alcohol drink la….This is what we call rezk! I guess they want to promote new flavoured drink…. After checking the ingredients, its confirm halal. Well..who knows it got alcohol or whatsoever. I still remember a friend of mine; he’s a kind of pretty confidence lad. One day he bought a juice in the bottle. He finished it at a single gulp without even checking the ingredient. Then he told me that he felt a bit dizzy. Out of my conscious mind, I grabbed the bottle and without a blink I scanned through the ingredient…here you go…it does contain 10% alcohol !!!!! By then he learned his lesson and so did I. I have become pathetic when I want to buy any food or drink. Even if you want to buy any footwear..sometimes they use pig skins for the lining…Beware!!!!
After finished my shift yesterday afternoon, I went to the health service. Alhamdulilah my urine test result is ok. So, I just keep my every six months follow up with the doctor. Uhhuhuhu..I could live a thousand years..ahaks!!!! Ain't it beautiful...a beautiful day...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Kari -Kicap-Belacan

Curry Chicken, Victoria Park Western Australia
Last night I got a recipe from Yanglerni. I complained to her that my curry taste the same ever since. I want something different, I want a change, I want different taste… she gave me a recipe to try. So this evening I tried the new recipe. It’s a bit disaster…the onion, ginger and garlic were over I had to prepare the ingredient all over again. It takes quite sometimes to cook this style of curry. Unlike my recipe… I just pour everything and it’s all done. I overrule the right technique of cooking..ehehe. Well this evening I did prepare a proper curry dish.’s delicious…well not because I cooked it but because of the recipe..thanks to Yanglerni ! Well…. I have different habit in relation to eat curry. My favorite is always eating curry with plain rice, soys sauce ketchup (cap kipas udang.. promote Malaysian product) and also shrimp paste (belacan). I can’t resist if there is curry with ketchup and sambal belacan….. so tempting. The sambal belacan is very simple, just blend belacan with chilies and add a little bit of lime juice. I don’t know if it’s only me… but Lin said it’s a strange....eehehehe. But please try it at home….you will lick your finger…uhuhuhu.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Ramadhan in Cairo
Me riding a camel, Cairo Egypt

Marhaban ya Ramadhan…it's just round the corner… we will be in the month which is full with barakah. Somehow Ramadhan remind me of my visit to Cairo during the month of Ramadhan few years back. I went there with my Libyan friend named Khalifah. We decided not to join any package since he speaks Arabic. Before I went to Cairo, I have different kind of perception about this capital city of Egypt. This is due to Al Azhar University, world-renowned for its position as a center of Islamic scholarship and education. There are a lot of our religious scholars graduated from here. But when I arrived in Cairo, then I can see the true color of Cairo which is not up to my expectation. I experienced it all, taking the public bus up to the taxi, but most of (not all) the public are not civilized enough. When we were on the cab, the taxi driver tries to cheat us. Luckily Khalifah was aware of this and he argued with the taxi driver. When we ride the camel, the same thing happened. The camel operator tried to cheat us. Khalifah did quarrel with them and at last he reported to the police. I’m so scared at that time and I told Khalifah its ok with the money. But he told me we can’t just let them go but teach them a good lesson. At last we managed to get our money back. The worst thing is that when they cheat, they just simple swear with the name of Allah..Wallahi! Wallahi! (I swear to Allah). That’s terrible!! I don’t make any blanket rule here, but this is based on my experience. Not all of them are acting like a moron. Surely there are always good and bad people. If all are good people then we don’t need any police institution or court jurisdiction at all right…uhhuhuhu. A part from this, Cairo is a good place to visit. Just join the tour group which is better and safe, everything is arranged for you. I’m so excited to see the pyramid and sphinx. The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the seven wonders. We also had an opportunity to visit the Masjid of Muhammad Ali in the Citadel of Salahideen in Old Cairo. Don’t forget the museum to see the mummy. The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities (Egyptian Museum) is home to the most extensive collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities in the world.

Man fears Time, yet Time fears the Pyramids
Arab proverb

I told Lin that I really want to experience the fasting month in Makkah. InsyaAllah after I settle all my unfinished business, then I will arrange for the trip. Hope Allah will grant me a good health and prosperity to see more …..the other side of the world!
Chaos Monday- Laksa Sarawak
Victoria Park, Western Australia

I woke up early today because I need to repeat the urine test at the health centre. Back from the health centre I went straight home for breakfast. Yesterday I cooked laksa Sarawak for my dinner. So, it’s the same menu for my breakfast this morning. After breakfast, I decided to go to my workstation. I need to do some works which seems not moving. On the way to Technology Park I dropped at the post office. What unfortunate day… I forgot the car key in the car..arghhhh!!! I tried to become Mac Gyver but it seems that I have no talent at all. I checked my Wallet, then luckily I found the house spare key and I tried to recall if I keep any spare car key at home. I’m pretty confidence I did, so I call my friend. While waiting for friend to come, I went to post office to settle my business. In the post office, I met this Malaysian couple. So, I just asked them..” dari Malaysia ke” …”aa..baru sampai semalam”, they replied. So, I chit chat with them for a while and they seems settling ok. They got friends here to help them. Before I end the conversation, I told them feel free to contact me if they need any help. My friend picked me up and drove me home. Just in a few second I found the spare key..yesss!! Problem solved. Then my friend dropped me back to the car park. Thanks to my friend who save my day!!!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Spring is FINALLY here
Araluen, Western Australia

It's Yates Springtime at Araluen, one of Western Australia's premier gardening events and you're invited to come and marvel at the splendid array of vibrant Spring blooms that will be on show.
Indulge in the spectacular display of over 100,000 tulips as well as other spring blooms in a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere.
There'll be daffodils, Jonquils, Azaleas, Camellias, Rhododendrons, Magnolias, Lilacs and of course, the renowned Tulip display.

I went to Araluen with my three other friends. It was a last minute plan. Actually our Indonesian friends already informed us earlier about Yates springtime at Araluen, but none of us can confirm. I’m very busy with so many things and all those medical follow up. A friend text me again yesterday and informed me that Araluen is only a short distance which is less than 1 hour. So, we decided to go this morning. It’s worth it to see all those colourful scenery and lots of people. The entrance fee is only AUD$7 per head. We took lots of photo especially with tulips. What a “mat bunga” today..ahaksss! Araluen – an Eastern States aboriginal world meaning “singing waters”, “running waters” or “place of lilies”. Click here for more photos...