Friday, December 21, 2007

Three stooges
Starbuck, Cheras Selatan, Malaysia
I have a great chances to meet Saudara(uncle) Budin and Uncle J few days ago. Saudara Budin picked me up at LRT station Bandar Tun Razak. He arrived early and I saw him standing at the station while talking on his mobile. I saw his picture before but mind you he is different. At first I'm pretty sure that was him but when I passed by there was no reaction from him as if he didn't expecting to meet someone. I walked straight to the gold merc. He described his car and the plat number instead of describing himself..ahaks. Maybe his car is much easier to describe as compared to complicated himself ekekeke (just kidding aaa) from the other end I sms him. I can see his action replying my sms. He text me " mana u angkat tangan"... I would love to angkat kaki ekekekeke... at last I end the hide and seek game and told him that I'm standing at the other end through sms. We have a great chit chat at the Starbuck Cheras Selatan and Uncle J joined us a bit late due to his other commitment. One of the hot issue that we have a good laugh was about my age. Saudara Budin revealed when he first saw me he thought that I'm "budak sekolah" ahaks....I take it as a compliment......uhuhuhu

Uncle J, Arsaili & Sdr Budin
I'm confortable with both of the otai ( old timer - thanks Kelana for sharing this term) eventhough there is a big age gap. There are very friendly and knowledgeable as well.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Happy Eid'ul Adha
I would like to wish all of you Happy Eid ul Adha. May our sacrifice will always be blessed by Allah. May the fruits of sacrifice, obedience and trust, which the Eid ul Adha teaches, prevail and continue after celebrating this blessed day.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

updated(Fri, 11.40 am)...Back for hols

Fuhhhh.. What a relief!! My sister and her family pretty ok now..I did help them to settle down and its time for me to go. I know they should be ok because it is not the first time they lived abroad.
I will be leaving this evening at 5.30 pm from Perth to Kuala Lumpur for my hols and work. So I would apologise if I could not visit you guys’ blog that frequent. InsyaAllah I will see some of you in KL…
They are here!
Perth International Airport, Western Australia

I went to the airport at 4.30 pm and the traffic was quite busy. When I reached at the arrivals terminal, I can see lot of people but deep down I knew that they will be late. So while waiting for my sister and her family, I can see people with banners, flowers, balloons, and even toys in the basket. They were so excited waiting for friends and family. I can see love, happiness, caring and many positive things…they hugged, they kissed, they smiled, they cried but all for the same reason… happy to meet up again with their loved ones. My sister and family stuck with the immigration procedures and they only get out at around 5.30 pm. We hugged and I’m happy to see them especially my two nephews. My sister complained how difficult travelling with small kids. Luckily it was only a short journey and my youngest nephew was not that cranky while on board. I still remember when she was in US, it took her more than 24 hours with few transits. According to my sister, they had a very good “drama air mata” at the airport. I know my parents are very sad and will miss their only two grandchildren. Well it is good in away that we can easily persuade them to come and stay with us here even for a short term…ahaks…

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pre-raya Haji shooting
Bentley, Western Australia
Last Saturday after Asar, I went to Kak Ij house. There was a pre-raya Eid ul Adha shooting by RTM. Three RTM crew came down to Perth for the shooting..geng Saudara Budin..uhuhu .
So we have to wear our raya suit. But what I like most is the food…ahaks. There was a lot of food on that day. I did contribute nasi himpit…and it kept me busy all night long because I was in the process of moving. While I did some packing and cleaning, I boiled 3 big packet of nasi himpit which contained of 18 small packets. Since I only have a small pot to boil it, so I need to do it many times. A few packets of nasi himpit had burned because I fall asleep..uhuhuhu. By the way, it was the first time ever I eat “daging rebus” with “air asam”. It’s very nice and according to Kak Ij this is special dish among ‘orang utara”... is it true my my “utarian” friends…saudara wira, saudara Kelana…who else from utara?? aha...TokMoh the kedahan..ehehe

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Home sweet home
Bentley, Western Australia
Alhamdulilah, my application to rent a new house with 3 rooms had been successful. But the rent is very expensive, AUD$385 perweek. Due to the difficulty to find a house and the time constraints I had no choice but just grabbed it. In fact that was my strategy to get a house, apply for expensive but furnished house for less competition. The reason why I need to move is solely because my sister and her family will reside here. The problem to rent in this country, the tenant must be here in order to sign the agreement. Therefore, to make sure the house is ready for them once they arrive, so I decided to rent the house under my name and add their names in the lease later. It works that way, so for now on I will stay with them and share the rent. My sister and brother in law with my two nephews will be arriving here next week. I finished moving my stuffs to the new house and still doing some cleaning to the old house. The hand over of the old house might be on Monday or Tuesday..Fuhhh what a tiring and stressing activites. Next time I will use the moving agent, just pay and they will settle it for us. But on second thought, I don’t think I’m rich enough to pay for the service..ahaks!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

You've Got Mail

Technology Park, Western Australia

I was pleasantly surprised, and quite pleased actually when I received the card yesterday. When Van passed it to me, he said that someone send you a chirstmas card. I laughed and explained to him that I don't celebrate Christmas. When I open it, was an Eid ul Fitri Card from Kassim Selamat. Umm, maybe he wanted to send me Eid ul Adha card... but when I doubled check the date stamped on the was send few months ago. Ahaks.... When I asked Van, he told me that card had been arrived here but they thought the receiver is in Northam. So they send it over there and since nobody by that name in Northam, they send it back here. No wonder it takes months for me to get it... anyway thank KS, really appreciate it.

I was tagged by Aunty Jun on this "about me" tag. So here it goes:-

1. A movie that made you laughs.
For sure there is a few but I always like the Wedding Planner

2. A book that makes you cries.
A child called “it” by Dave Pelzer’s – The Heartbreaking true story of the abused Child

3. A Best Friend.
Too many

4. A favorite childhood memories
A strange things that happened where my sis and I found a pair of swan in my dad store room. There was a rabbit at our verandah but gone in a few minutes. We then found a tortoise crawling near the verandah as well. It all happened on the same day. Late that evening it was raining heavily. Till now I don’t know the reason why so many animal visited our house on that particular day and where did they come from.

5. Your favorite animal.

6. Your favorite food
Chicken rice, Nasi Kerabu with extra budu, Kuew teow goreng, tomyam (not etomyam..ahaks)

7. An item of clothing you cannot do without.
all...inside n outside wears

8. Something you collect.
Coins, stamps (best childhood hobby uhuhu), fridge magnets, novels

9. Your favorite store to shop in.
Jaya jusco, IGAs, IKEA

10. Your favorite flower.
Lilies – because Lin loves this flower…

I would like to pass this tag to : Dean, Aunty Antulawa, Intan

Have fun !!!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Ero qui.... Pisa, Italy
I just finished meeting with my boss . Three hours long!!!!! Fuhhh..I'm mentally exhausted. There were so many input I need to take note and deal with. So it will keep me busy for the whole week. I will stay up tonight to plan out what I need to do and settle few urgent tasks. How I wish I can go for holiday at this moment of time.

Errr..let me share a photo about my trip to Italy many years ago. So you can see the younger version of me..ahaks. It always my dream to visit all the seven wonders in the world (but now so many listing on the seven wonders of the world….umm clashed of interest perhaps) but I managed to visit only a few places and one of them was the homeland of the famous Galileo Galilei (Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher) to visit the leaning tower of Pisa. Do you know that this world known building is totally a mistake? But Strange enough that such a colossal miscalculation by the architect has instead been embraced as a symbol of civic pride. I enjoyed this trip very much except we went at the wrong time that was in the peak summer.

In 2004 if I’m not mistaken, I went to Perak for a course and I met my ex-housemate. He drove me to Teluk Anson or now known as Teluk Intan to visit the younger cousin of the leaning tower of Pisa which is known as the leaning tower of Teluk Intan. I just made the comparison of those two monuments.

We must not say every mistake is a foolish one.
Cicero (106 BC - 43 BC)

Monday, December 03, 2007

Iqra, read, baca

Mill Points , Western Australia

Friday last week, my friends asked me if I would like to join them for jogging at Mill Points. Umm the place sound familiar but I never been there. Actually it is only by the Swan River which is not that far from my house. At first I’m a bit reluctant to go but after the second thought, I agreed to join them. Due to my health problem, I didn’t jog with them. I brought a novel and sat at the bench facing the swan river. That novel was given by Oshun Muhammad a.k.a Opah D quite sometimes ago but due to many work loads I have no time to read. All my reading novel activities had been stop to give more time for reading the academic journal (ahaks..very dry reading material). So I grabbed this opportunity to finish my reading on “Ninja Kunaharo – Misteri Kelubung Putih". So this is my review;

Novel yang di tulis oleh Oshun Muhammad memang mengibas kembali zaman awal remaja saya. Saya memang terdedah dengan novel-novel sejak kecil lagi dan merupakan peminat siri 5 Sekawan oleh Enid Bylton. Saya berpendapat novel Ninja Kunaharo ini dapat membawa pembaca menyelami jalan cerita yang begitu menarik. Saya sendiri kekadang tersenyum apabila menbaca novel ini dan bahasa yang digunakan amat bersesuaian untuk peringkat umur awal remaja. Di samping memaparkan unsur humor penulis juga telah berjaya mengetengahkan nilai-nilai murni yang boleh mencetus kesedaran di kalangan golongan pembaca sasaran.

That is my short review of Ninja Kunaharo – Misteri Kelubung Putih. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean because I got this novel from the writer then I give a positive review on her book. But honestly this is very interesting 'masterpiece' for young teenagers. Parents should encourage their kids to read, not only this particular novel but any good reading material. We want to cultivate the reading habits among Malaysian and it should start from the early age. The existence of the writers like Oshun will forward wide range of quality materials for reading. I hope she will keep on writing different series of Ninja Kunaharo. I told my friends to buy this novel and all different series so that their kids can have their own collection.

I have a good collection of novel from my favorite’s author such as Micheal Palmer, Danielle Steel, Nicholas Spark, Jodi Picoult, John Grisham, Norhayati Berahim, Norzailina Nordin and many more. But now, I have to slow down and reduce the number of fiction books and concentrate more on non-fiction stuff such as academic journals….because one of my bad habits, once I read the novel, I can’t stop. I will keep on reading till I finish and I don’t be bother what happen around me..ahaks!!!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Coffee ohhh kopak

Belmont, Western Australia

Perth is not as happening as Malaysia. By 6 pm you can see the sign of death city. All the malls are closed by then. Except on Thursday it closes at 9 pm and you can see a kind of festive all around. The road busy with cars and people hang around in the mall for shopping or window shopping. Surely there is another world at night especially over the weekends. There is lots of pub to cater the social needs of the youngsters in particular. I don't go to this kind of place so most of the time I will stay at home or just go to the restaurant for dinner. Yesterday evening, my friends and I went to Belmont Shopping centre. It is not far from our house, about 15 minutes drive. My friends had their listed things to buy and as for me I just want to go for window shopping ( I didn't bumped into Opah De..if not mistaken she lived near it true Opah..ahakas). But I end up bought some food at Coles. While waiting for them shopping, I felt so thirsty so I decided to buy Iced Coffee. There is cafe near buy. Actually it was the first time I bought iced coffee and I thought it will be white coffee with ice. Believe it or not, she first scooped ice cream then pour the iced coffee...I lost my word..and I just took the coffee which cost me AUD$4 friend told me you better through it away...yea I know but it such a waste...kind of throwing AUD$4 bills into the dustbin. But the issue is that we don't know if the ice cream is halal or not. There is very limited halal ice cream product here in Australia. Only certain product of Cadbury and Peters claimed to be halal. So without further due I just threw it into the dustbin....sayonara..ahaks.. I went to Coles and bought the packed ice coffee. I checked the ingredient and it is definitely halal. Just be careful, even pork food product has the halal label on it…errkkk!

“O ye who believe! Eat of the good things that we provided for you” (Holy Quran 2:172)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kucing, Kuching, Cochin, Ku - Ching

Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia

Kiki (male) and Misty (female) are both our beloved cats. Somehow Misty reminds me of Tampuk in Jowopinter's blog.... his mum's cat. Speaking of the witch, many people curious how did Kuching city get its name?

The question of how Kuching got its name has puzzled and discombobulated. It spawned many stories, ranging from the plausible to outright nonsense in explaining how the name came about.

Most people believe it something to do with cat. There was a small river named Sungai Kuching which was always visited by wild cats. Not far from the river there was a small hill occupied by pokok Buah Mata Kuching (an edible fruit Nephelium Malarese) and the hill was named as Bukit Mata Kuching. According to this story that is how the origin of the name Kuching

Another speculation how Kuching get its name is from the word ‘Cochin’. Cochin is derived from the word Kaci meaning harbour. During the Brooke dynasty, Kuching was the important harbour among the Indochina.

The Chinese believe Kuching got its name for the Mandarin word for ‘old well’ is ‘ku (old) ching (well). The well was either dug by the earliest Chinese settlers or was already there when they first set foot in the area because the well was referred to as the ‘old well’ among them. The exact site of the well is at number 59 Upper China Street, a shop selling and repairing scales. The floor of the shop is slightly sunken because it was built on top of the filled-up well.

In fact there are many other tales but which is the right one? Ahaks..leave it to the historian to decide…

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Scribbling

Bentley, Western Australia

Fuhhh..I feel a little bit tired. I went out at 9.30 am to accompany my friend, M to Ambassador Hotel in the city. Actually today we became a tourist guide to M’s friend, Kak A and Makcik. They came here for holiday and joined one of the tourist packages. Since today is the free day for them so we brought them to Subiaco Market just to see the Australian fresh produces then followed by visiting one of the universities. We then stop for lunch at Makan-Makan restaurant and had a break for 1 hour for Zohor. They dropped me at my house and they resided to M house. I managed to do my laundry and clean the house while waiting to send them to the hotel. On the way back to the hotel, we went to Burswood for them to take photo by the Swan River. After the photo session (sound like artist..ahaks) we brought them to souvenir shop in the city. Since Kak A and Makcik were too lazy to go out again for dinner, so we went to Ole-ole restaurant for roti canai, not far from the souvenir shop. I just had 1 slice of roti canai because I’m still full. Their flight will be tomorrow morning. After dropping them off at the hotel and wished them a safe journey home, we decided to go for Town of Victoria Park Christmas Street Mall. It was really happening… Pictures that speak a thousand words…..

Friday, November 23, 2007

Bentley, Western Australia
A few weeks ago, I went to the library. I saw this young man, probably in his 30’s mobile freely with his wheel chair. Its remind me of KS, the famous blogger known as Kassim Selamat. When he stopped at one corner, I approached him and started the conversation. He seems pretty ok..there was no sign “erkk..leave me alone”.. so I continued the conversation and interviewed him (just like a reporter..ahaks). He told me that he had involved in the motorbic accident in England. As a result of this accident, he injured his lower spine. He originally from England, and so happened not far from a place where I lived when I was in England...umm what a small world, I don't meet him overthere but in Australia. So we chatted for quite sometimes. I wish him all the best to end the conversation.

Here in WA, I think the facilities and amenities for disable community are well-established. In fact today, I saw the taxi for disabled (see the photo that I shoot). Alhamdulilah Malaysia is now moving towards disable friendly user. We hope there will be ‘free barrier’ environment to cater the needs of disable community. This is very crucial and the implementation definitely will take time. The government needs to invest in the existing development and imposed the rules and regulation concerning disable need in the future development. It’s not solely the building but also the recreation facilities, transportation and others.

Therefore I hope disabled people of our generation do not have to wait in futility for that long to see changes. And what important is that they can lead fairly normal lives.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tragedy November
Technology Park, Western Australia

When I walked out to my car this morning, I can hear a weird sound rushed my senses. Deep down, I know what happened to my car. To make sure… I got into my car and checked the light indicator. Well well well…I forgot to turn off the lamp..what a tragedy!!!! I can’t start my car ….for sure the battery totally flat. What a day…I need to go to the office to settle few things and I need to go for another property viewing at 4…I called the mechanic, but he’s not free till later this evening. Umm..I called a few friends if they have any jumper cable to jump-start the car..but none! I’m writing this entry. I just don’t know what to do now….last hope is the caretaker who lives next door. But he’s away at the moment. I hope he can help me to deal with the car once he gets home.

The caretaker Mr M. did help me with my car but the jump start didn't work. The battery seems totally flat. So I walked to main street to buy the new battery which cost me AUD$ expensive which is about RM300 plus. Mr.M helped me to install the new battery....thanks Mr. M. I will buy him dinner this weekend. Tomorrow I will send my car to the mechanic Pak Y, an Indonesian guy for service. It will cost me perhaps another AUD$80. And what make it worst I received a letter from the insurance company regarding my claim when I was admitted to the hospital before. They request for further info and it must be fill by the attending medical officer. It was an emergency and I don't even know who is the doctor. I called the Royal Perth Hospital and Patrick promise to call me back tomorrow. I want to scream .....arrrrrrrrrrrrrr

"If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason" Jack Handy

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Property Viewing

Bentley, Western Australia

Last Thursday, I receieved the phone call for the estate agent. She told me about the house for viewing in Bentley at 4 pm. So after work, I drove to Bentley and reached there 5 minutes to 4 pm. OMG.....there were a lot of people waiting in front of the property. And more and more people keep on coming. So, I parked my car nearby and joined the crowd. The listing agent was not punctual and she only came at 4.3o pm..erkkk there is "australian time" here...Anyway, I managed to see the property, nice and only 6 months old. However, there is a very slim chances to get it. So many people interested to rent the house. I did fax my application the following day and keep on praying that I will get the house. The property is in good condition and the rental is also affordable. I don't know why is it so difficult to find the accomodation in Western the rent is very expensive.
Tuesday 20 Nov 2007 - I received a phone call for the property agent saying that my application is unsuccessful...uwaaaa..keep on searching!
Tuesday 20 Nov 2007- 1643 pm - another phone call from property agent saying that my application is unsuccessful!...the property that I went for viewing yesterday...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Raya - 10
Kak I house, East Victoria Park, Western Australia

Err…hold on…this is the last entry on raya…ekekeke… the nostalgic raya of the year..uhuhu. The photo above was taken at Kak I house. I told Kak I to organised small raya gathering…just among us on the 11th of December. “us” here refer to our so call closed friends. It so happen we live near to each other. My house is only 5 minutes distance from Kak I, and a few other friends live at the same block with Kak I ( this block is consider as the future Malaysia Hall in Perth..ahaks). I brought 2 types of biscuits – Love letter (I bought in JB) and Coffee biscuits (Lin bought in KL) and I also prepared lasagne for that day. Other menu was Mi Goreng, fried chicken, custard, fruits and other biscuits. That’s was the last raya gathering for me.

These past few weeks I've gone through the motions of daily life.... I feel a bit lost..or i'm just lost in myself..sometimes there is a lot of thing you need to acomplish ..but at the same time you can do nothing abou it. You just sit and keep on thinking to figure out what is the best way to do it..or how to do it. At the same time, more and more job starting to pile up...then you feel the full blown panic attack...depress...tired..bored...

STOP please...gimme a break!!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Raya - 9

Raya Open House, Bentley, Western Australia

A week after Seloka Raya event, there was another “open house” by one of MAS staff on the 3rd of November. We were invited in the afternoon and the foods were marvellous. I enjoyed my favourite food such as chicken rice, rendang tok, serunding, lodeh and cakes.

Today is really hot, it’s about 39 degree Celsius…I’m sweating and you can even feel the heat. Owh…summer is here!!! Ahaks. It’s the time for ice cream and cold drink uhuhuhu

Friday, November 09, 2007

Raya - 8

East Victoria Park, Western Australia

Here is the short clip on Seloka's not that clear...ahaks...just a shot from my handphone.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Raya - 7
Perth Western Australia

“Seloka Raya”
An open house to commemorate Hari Raya Aidilfitri in Perth 2007

Saturday, 27th October 2007
Address: Kent St High School GYM
Kent St, East Vic Park, WA 6101
Western Australia

The seloka raya is a musical show filled with dance and acoustic performance, not forgetting acting skills by our own students from Malaysia who are anticipate pronouncing our greatest celebration after the full fasting month of Ramadhan

Not just that, delicacies such as satay, soto, nasi minyak, ayam masak merah and other raya food will fill the stomach for the night throughout

Organized by Malaysia Student Department Australia
And UMNO club WA with cooperation with MASCA and WAPEC

Ahaksss..after spending about 10 days in Malaysia, I continue my raya in Australia...

Monday, November 05, 2007

Raya - 6
The Puteri Pacific Hotel Johor Bahru, Johor Malaysia
I'm so busy for the past few days..erkk seem still busy today and most probably will be even more busy for the whole week...busy at "gaban" level. But life must go on. The photo above I shot in the hotel. I stayed at the Puteri Pacific Hotel when I was in Johor Bahru. The next day, I went to Singapore and took the flight back to Perth, Australia.
Happy birthday to my only brother, May Allah bless you!! I'm not that close with my brother but he's always there for me when I need help. He will help but at his any convenience...ahaks..sometimes I will forced him help me nowwww...uhuhuhu what a demanding bro here..ekekeke

Friday, November 02, 2007

Raya - 5

Danga Bay, Johor Bahru, Johor Malaysia

I spend one night in Johor Bahru before I flew back to Australia. Lin became my tourist guide because she used to work in JB about six years ago. We took a bus to go to Danga Bay or previously known as Lido beach to meet this Pak cik and Mak Cik. Luckily it was still early because we got out at the wrong bus stand. Therefore we had to walk further for another 10 minutes to reach Danga Bay… ahaks… once we reached the tram centre, Pak cik and Mak cik already there. We cit chat for a while and we gave them Salted Ikan Terubuk for Kuching. We continued our stay at Danga Bay and decided to go for tram ride. I cost us RM3 perhead.... good experienced but I'm not really happy with the safety and another annoying situation when the driver kept on honking the pedestrian. They should remind the passenger about the safety and find the proper mechanism to ensure the pedestrian get away from the track..maybe replacing the irratating honking sound with pleasant music?????

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Araluen, Western Australia

I'm not good at remembering the numbers, birthday or whatsoever...uhuhu. So I need people to remind me....luckily this morning my mum remind me about my kakak I ( and also on behalf of Lin) would like to wish my beloved kakak happy birthday and may Allah bless you. About my kakak, I'm very close with her, she's my enemy and she's also my friend....ekekeke. I can't denied that she is the best kakak..err by the way she's the only kakak..eheheh. Who am I today is part and parcel of her influence, for her best example especially in academic... upsr/penilaian darjah 5, PMR/SRP, SPM, degree, master....I do believe as a sister or brother, we should set a good example to our adik-adik...somehow it will infuence and expose them to the importance of life. Thanks to my big sis!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Raya - 4
Big Sis house, Petra Jaya, Kuching Sarawak

Most probably that was the last time we celebrated raya at my sis house…the house is already put up for sell. They already bought a new house which is very near to my parents and her in laws. The new house was ready but they might just stuff their furniture and all their good since they planned to be away for 3 years starting the end of this year. At my sis, a part of all the cakes, we are served with lodeh and satay.... by the way that is the photo of my nephew..very mischievous and super active boy...lady in pink is my younger sis, lady in blue is my youngest sis and lady in yellow is my beloved mum.....ahaks

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Raya - 3
Endoscopy Suite, Normah Medical Specialist centre, Kuching Sarawak

I arrived in Kuching on the 10 October. The following day I had made an appointment with the physician. There were three available physicians on that day and all of them I’m familiar with. I prefer to see Dr. G but unfortunately he’s not available in the morning. So I met Dr. C whom is well known for his sense of unfriendliness… whatever!!!….after discussing a few things, he then referred me to general surgeon Dr. L for the endoscopy. I just had my breakfast and medicine in the morning (obviously I’m not fasting by that time in month of Ramadhan…shyyyhhh). By then I was not allowed to take any food till after the procedure. So, he asked me to come back at 3.30 pm and see Dr L. Dr L is very friendly and soft-spoken doc. He went through my file and screens all my history for the last 10 years and he did ask me few questions here and there. Then I got ready for the endoscopy. I came with my dad because I cannot drive after the procedures. The nurse guided me to the endoscopy room which is next to emergency room. My dad and I sat for a while and then the nurse called me in to the suite. There were 2 nurses; the assistant and the instrument nurse around and they asked me to change my cloth and take off my spec. They asked me if I wear any denture but I said no. I lied down on the bed and the nurse covered me with the blanket. Then Dr. L came in and explained the procedure to me. He gave me the injection on my left arm and just in few minutes I’m off. I just woke up after the procedure…Dr. L told me something but I barely can remember…ekekeke kind of drowsy. Dr L gave my dad a copy of CD of my endoscopy and before we went home, my dad settled the bills. It cost us about RM700, not that bad I guess. Since the doc said I’m ok ….so I enjoyed my raya and all the food. But once I got the full report from DR L, then I found out there is gastritis and erosion in my stomach lining. Lin told me I better not take spicy food and carbonated drinks….ekekekek luckily we only knew after raya….if not there is no meaning of raya without all the foods and carbonated drinks. By the way the helicobacter pylori result was negative.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Raya - 2
With Kasawari and the boys, Senai Airport, Johor Malaysia

I met Kasawari on the way back to Kuching. I went back through Singapore from Perth and then I took another flight to Kuching at 6.05 pm. I need to go to the boarding gate at 5.30 pm and luckily Kasawari and his family arrived early and if not I will missed the chance to meet them. It just a short meeting and it was the first time I met blogger. Ammar and Aiman are very cute…and Ammar was very mischievous ekkekeke..see his action in the photo. Thanks for the pineapple tarts, my favourite biscuit..uhuhu.

I called kasawari again this afternoon, and he told me his wife set to undergo operation tomorrow. It was supposed to be today but postponed to tomorrow. ..hope everything will be fine.

When I arrived in Kuching, my brother picked me up at the airport. We supposed to go to my sis house because she invited my parents and family for break fasting and also to celebrate in my ‘homecoming’. Since I arrived a bit late, my mum already went to visit my aunty on her way home. So, we changed the plan and my brother drove me to my parent’s house straight away. I arrived first then my mum. She was very shocked to see me at home..ekekkekeke…I hugged her and then I distributed all the presents for my parents, sisters and my only brother. That night we slept pretty late. I had the ‘sembang’ session till late mid night. This is kind of tradition…when we are away for a long time and return home, we will have a long conversation and pick up whatever story that we miss when we are away…

Monday, October 22, 2007

Raya - 1
"Home Sweet Home" Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia
Alhamdulilah, I safely arrived in Perth last night at around 9 pm and only reached home at 11.30 pm. My Bruneian friends picked me up at the airport around 10.30 pm and then I had my super at their house. They came late because I only managed to inform them once I reached Perth. Lin did sms them early but due to technical problem, the sms didn’t reached them. Late last night when I checked my blog, I read the message left by Hairie at my cbox about Kasawari7. I did call Kasawari this morning and alhamdulilah they are doing fine. Only his wife still admitted in the hospital. I will pray for them that everything will be fine. Poor Aimman and Ammar, they must be very shocked due to the accident. To Mrs Kasawari7, speedy recovery wishes for her. I got to go and I will update my raya event later…still jet lag..uhuhuhu

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Freo market - 3
Peanuts, Frementle Western Australia
Peanuts..I guess most of us know this species.. especially raya is just round the corner. Peanuts remind me of Satay sauce or gravy or know as Kuah Satay. I still remember when I was in UK, I bought salty peanuts at Kwik Save to prepare Kuah satay for myself. It’s much easier and I just blend the salty peanut.

Speaking of the witch, I would like to inform all of my friends here that I will "balik kampong" tonight till 21 Oct…travel from Perth to Singapore, then JB to Kuching. Please pray for my safe journey home to be with my family. Lin will only join me in Kuching on the 3rd raya will be a happening raya..InsyaAllah. Next year, we can not celebrate with complete family members because my sister and her family will be away too. Anyway...It will be a big suprise for my parents because they don't know about me coming home...shhhsss keep it a secret ok! So, I would like to wish you all;
p/s I will try blogging from time to time …or whenever I have time..miss u all..ahaks

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Freo market - 2
Hazel nuts, Frementle Western Australia
Honestly I don't know much about hazel nut. If my memory doesn’t fail me, I started to become familiar with the term hazel nut when I was in kindergarten. Long time ago, when my dad bought us chocolate with hazel nut. A part from that, I never saw the real hazel nut or even the shrub which produce the nuts. I’m not really into chocolate but hazelnut chocolate always my preference....ahak! At freo market, I saw the nuts and it’s quite expensive even though not as expensive as macadamia nut...well nothing cheaper here in Australia..kui kui kui!! Here is the fact about hazel nut;

The Common Hazel (Corylus avellana) is a species of hazel native to Europe and Asia.
The name of the species, avellana is derived from Avellino, a place in Italy.
It is typically a shrub reaching 3-8 m tall, but can reach 15 m. The leaves are deciduous, rounded, 6-12 cm long and across, softly hairy on both surfaces, and with a double-serrate margin.
(Source wikipedia)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Perth Royal Hospital
Perth, Western Australia


Alhamdulilah,I'm getting better now and already discharged from the hospital. So now I can continue blogging..ahakss.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Freo market - 1Coffee beans, Frementle Western Australia
Last Sunday I went to Fremantle market a.k.a Freo market. It was really happening over there. There are variety choices of product… that is amazing. It is a good place for tourists. I found so many interesting products and the ambience just make you feel..errr how to describe it...well it makes you feel just right. The prices and qualities of the product are not bad. Actually I knew about this market long time ago but don't be bother to go there. I don't the real reason but might be we are really into E-shed market I guess. E-shed is another famous market in Fremantle but its different atmosphere. For me, where ever I go, the first place I would love to go is to the farmers market or whatever well-known term applied such as weekend market, tamu market etc. The market is consider as the gateway to the real tourism spots for me...what I’m trying to say the market usually consist of all component which allows you to experience the culture, the local product, the indigenous product, food souvenir etc. The photo I took above is the stall which sells different types of flavoured coffee beans. My friend bought the Vanilla flavoured. For me Nescafe is always the best..ahaks.... free credit to NESCAFE.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Wildflower September - 4
Kings Park Festival, Western Australia

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wildflower September - 3
Kings Park Festival, Western Australia

Ok I got a virus a.k.a I have been tagged by Hairie and Cikgu Putra here is the antidote...

1. Sejak bila anda mula berpuasa penuh??
I think when I’m in primary three…not 100% sure..ehehe

2.Pernahkah anda ponteng puasa dan apakah alasannya??
I’m used to fast for a half day when I was in Kindergarten…ahaks… I did escaped from fasting when I was sick.

3.Adakah anda pernah bermain bunga api dan mercun??
Umm sure I did…in fact there was one incident the mercun blew on my finger and I’m shocked to death..luckily my fingers still intact..after that I hold the mercun wif stick..(instead of insaf, I became more creative)...ngeh3x

4.Juadah apakah menjadi kegemaran anda sewaktu berbuka??
My mum’s cooking, Nasi Kerabu, Bubur Pedas..yum3x

5.Lagu raya manakah yang anda suka??
the oldies of hari raya…Sanisah Huri, P Ramlee, Sharipah Aini and the modern song by sifu M Nasir and also Siti Nurhaliza

6.Tahun ini anda beraya di mana??
InsyaAllah I want to celebrate raya in Malaysia…or else just celebrate with Kangaroo

7.Pernahkah anda bertugas di hari raya??
Nope ….except I got lecture on Hari Raya..uwaaa

8.Apakah kenangan paling manis di hari raya??
Hari Raya always a happiest and sweetest moment for me...but one of the sweetest memory when I started working and celebrated raya with my own money to buy all the raya preparations.... ahaksss
Wildflower September - 2
Kings Park Festival, Western Australia
I met my supervisor on Tuesday. The consultation day is supposed to be every Monday. Unfortunately she was too busy so she rescheduled it on Tuesday. It was about 2 hours meeting and there were a lot of thing to attend to. I’m not really happy with one issue because I submitted the task to her last month. But since she was too busy, she didn’t deal with it till we had passed the date line. The reason I submitted it early because I know there will be a lot of changes and correction. So at least if she deals with it earlier, she will allow me an ample time to do all the correction. Since that was not the case, then I’m became the victim here. She asked me to edit the task and submit to her on Wednesday morning because it was long overdue. And I knew that I can’t finish it on time only if I stay up. After the meeting I was doing the work till 5.30 pm. I went home for my iftar and by then I remembered I need to go to the airport. I promised to G & M to fetch their parents from Indonesia. Promise is promise so at 9 pm, I went to fetch G and drove to the airport. My other friend drove her car with M and we convoyed to the airport. We got back from the airport at about 10.30 pm then I went straight to my work station to continue with my unfinished business. I managed to get it done by 3.30 am and send to my supervisor by email. I went home for Sahur and after Subuh at around 5, I went straight to bed. Luckily my shift only starts at 11.30 am. So I woke up at 9.30 am and get myself ready for work. Fuhhhh…I hate this situation and I hate last minute job. But sometimes in life we need to face it but if possible try to avoid it. Do you know that Stress may make your age faster? Ouchhh there are lines on my forehead…ahaks!!!

p/s Lin said sleep is the best stressbuster!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wildflower September - 1
Kings Park Festival, Western Australia

Monday, September 24, 2007

The joy of break fasting with Bruneian friends -2
Beef layer cake, Bentley Western Australia
Thanks to my friends, for the invitation. Really enjoy the food. There were briyani, chicken curry, beef stew, mixed vege, lamb ribs, fruits, noodle and even ikan masin.. delicious… I brought beef layer cake ..which I baked that Saturday afternoon. Actually I got to know Mat when he first came to the University. I had a short meeting with his lecturer, Dr Chris. At that time, Dr. Chris brought all new students for a visit to the main campus. Right after discussion, Mat approached us and Dr. Chris introduces him to me. Then we had a short conversation and exchanged telephone number. Pity him because he was based in one of the isolated campus which is about 2 hours from Perth.. There is no life in that small town..just like small cowboy town. I had been there once. So, he told me his difficulties to get halal meat etc. I offered him to come down to Perth the following week after we first met. He stayed overnight at my house and we went to halal butcher to buy his food stock. But at last he changed his course and moved to Bentley. He can’t stay in that town and being the only Muslim in that campus. He joined his other Bruneian friends and stay with them.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The joy of break fasting with Bruneian friends

Bentley,Western Australia

Friday, September 21, 2007

Mi Hailam
Victoria Park, Western Australia
Yesterday I was so busy at my workstation. I managed to see my sensei to discuss few things and it kept me busy all day. Later in the afternoon, my friend asked me if I want to go to Fremantle for Fish and Chips but I didn't feel like going. I was very tired mentally and physically uhuhu. Almost 5 pm I went to the butcher and IGA (supermarket) to buy ingredient for Mi Hailam. Earlier, I did check the recipe on the net and it’s pretty simple. Once I reached home I started my cooking session immediately. I only have less than half an hour before break the fast. Alhamdulilah, I finished cooking on time...walla...Mi Hailam!!!
Murdoch, Western Australia

After working on Sunday morning (before the month of ramadhan) a friend of mine picked me up at home. We had an invitation from a friend in Murdoch. We planned to visit them many times but keep on postponed due to other commitments. But recently during the Merdeka Fest they had invited us again. So we made it this time. On the way, we stopped to buy drinks since I had no time to prepare anything. We thought just both of us but there were other three family as well. Goshhh..I'm not really close to all of them.....what an akward situation..uhuhuhu!!! I considered myself as social handicapped unless I know the person. It wasn' that bad but I tend to be a little bit quiet. I wouldn't talked much then.... Maybe there were so many people and I didn't know how to join I just smiled and rather become a listener. The food served was very good. There were mi siam, laksa terengganu and capati with spinach chicken curry. It was my first time to eat mi siam.. I don't know much about mi siam but i guessed it from siam.... ahaks..

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

There is no excuse!
Frementle, Western Australia

I met my colleague this morning. She told me that her supervisor allowed her to pray during her shift and she even suggested a few places that she can perform her prayer. When she got the job offer earlier, she did ask me about this matter. As for man, it’s much easier for me to pray and it wouldn’t take long and in fact my shift this time allowed me to pray at home or mussola. There is no clashed since I’m not on duty before Zuhur till after Asar or before Asar till after Margrib. Even on Friday I told my supervisor that I couldn’t work between 12 till 3 because I need to go for Friday prayer. So I asked her to explain to her supervisor about the matter. She did and the response was very positive. What I’m trying to highlight here, I’m very glad that non-Muslim aware of our duty to Allah. They are very positive and open about it. Thats why I’m very proud to share with my supervisor about Islam. He’s very curious about it and asked a few question regarding it. For me it’s a form of dakwah, to introduce Islam to non-Muslim. At least now he knows that Muslim people need to pray 5 times and they also need to fast during the Ramadhan. I told my friend, at least she set the precedent, so in the future it will much easier for other Muslim to work in this organization At least the employer are well aware about our duty and with the hope that they will make it easy for us. On the other side, I heard my friend told me there is a few cases in Malaysia where the Muslim people are in difficulties to pray during their working hours. This is ridiculous, Malaysia as a Muslim country (even many people argue about it) still facing this kind of issues. I believed we must fight for our right wherever we are. For example before in Malaysia, TV presenter was not allowed to wear headscarf but at least now they are open about it. This regulation is all set by human so we can change it whenever we want….right! My experienced living in western countries so far alhamdulilah..Allah makes it easy for me. I used to pray on the parking lot, on the park, on the bus station and everywhere…. I bet most of us who used to live in Western Countries did experience the same thing. And of course it easy for man like me, but for women they really need to find a place which is a bit isolated. Lin told me as for women, they are very shy if people see their movement during the prayer. That’s why women are encouraged to wear suitable dress (loose and long dress) so it will be easier for them to perform their prayer everywhere. Ahakss...try not to talk about food...uhuhu but I can foresee food is always an interesting topic to discuss..ehehe

Monday, September 17, 2007

yum yum yum
Victoria Park, Western Australia
Yesterday, we decided to break fast at one of the Indonesian Restaurant which is not far from my house. We supposed to go with our Indonesian friends but unfortunately they can't make it. So my friend and I just proceed with the plan. Then, only on this coming wedneday we will breakfast with our Indonesian friends. But we haven't decided the place, but there's a few choices just wait and see. Yesterday we ordered fried watercrest (kangkung goreng belacan), deep fried beef (daging empal), omelet, and roasted fish with sambal belacan. Ummm, it was really good. It had been a long time to have proper food like this..uhuhuhu. But it did cost us an arm and a leg...about AUD$33…ahaks... Ohh, forgot to mention that I had ordered ais cendol too...nice nice nice...

Friday, September 14, 2007

Dates, Victoria Park Western Australia
The month of Ramadhan will always be associated with tamr or dates. Maybe it just likes Chinese whom are well allied with mandrin orange during the Chinese New Year.
We may note that the Sunnah commends dates for the breaking of the fast in Ramadhan. The great worth of dates is also indicated in a famous and beautiful passage of the Qur'an, surah Maryam, verses 25-6:
"And shake towards you the trunk of the palm-tree and it will drop on you fresh ripe dates. So eat and drink and be comforted".
Personally I don't really like dates because it’s too sweet but I do take it for break fast. Every year, my dad will buy dates for Ramadhan...well its kind of a long established custom in my family. So, during the breakfast, dates will be always on the table. He likes date and as for me, I don't really into it. I think fresh dates suit me better, it’s not too sweet. For this Ramadhan, I'm totally forgotten about dates till a friend of mine gave me a box of it. JazakaAllah khir to my friend!!! So, there is no reason for not taking dates for breaking fast..ahaks…

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Eye relaxation
Rottnest Island, Western Australia
During this holy month, we are not only asking to restrain ourself from food and drink but it is in wider context. We need to observe” fasting from evil" with eyes too.
Let see the amazing creation of Allah...the beautiful scenery is just awesome!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Tarawih at Mussola, Bentley (video clip after 8 rakaat)

What a hectic day...after finishing my shift this afternoon, a friend of mine had introduced me to brother Wassim, a Jordanian. He just arrived in Perth and had been looking for temporary accommodation. Right after lunch (we had our lunch at Sahara CafĂ©, an Indian restaurant) we went to look for YMCA in Perth city. I know there is one cheap YMCA but usually it is fully book. You really need to book at least 1 week earlier. We just walked in and he' was very lucky to get the room…only one room left at that time. It cost him AUD$39 per night but after student discount he only pay for AUD$31. Then we went to Riverdale to pick his baggage and send it back to the YMCA. After that we rushed back to Bentley to perform our Margrib prayer. He asked us to leave him at the mussola since he managed to contact his friend. So, I just leaved my mobile number in case he needs any help later. After Margrib I decided to stay for Tarawih. There was a little confusion because some people said that Ramadhan will start tomorrow and some people argue that it will be on Friday. So after Isya, the mussola committee made an announcement saying that we will start fasting tomorrow. So, I continued with Tarawih but I was only performed 8 rakaat……uhuhuhu ..Can’t afford to do 20..ahaksss... opsss I just received an email from the President of CMSA while writing this entry to confirm that we will start fasting tomorrow;
As-Salamu ^Alaykum Brothers and sisters in Islam. Today is the 30th ofSha^ban and hence tomorrow is the first day of Ramadan. There is a bitof debate as to whether today is the 30th or not. I know from mycolleagues in the eastern states who have released a prayer calendarrecently that today, according to them is the 30th of sha^ban and Iknow that Saudi also is in the 30th of sha^ban so my self I cannotargue with this and Insha-'Allah tomorrow will be Ramadan. And I alsoknow that the majority of the Islamic countries are also fasting onthursday. Ramadan Kareem to everybody and Insha-Allah I will see youall at the Iftar tomorrow night at the Mushalla. Abdul Gane

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Kena tag

Araluen, Western Australia

Someone tagged me today...and that someone is Sam you go...
Eight random facts/habits about me
1. Perfectionist

# According to Lin and my collegues, I'm perfectionist. Difficult to work with and very fussy....uhuhuh..whatever!

2. Bookworm
# I like to read news and novel. If I read, I don't like to stop and if possible I want to finish at one go.

3. Travel maniac
# Travelling to new places is always my passion. I hope I can concquer the world! ahaks...

4. Photography maniac
# I know nothing about photography but I like to take day will go for short courses..lalalala

5. Poor language skill
# I'm not gifted in language, Malay or English. But quite good in Sarawak dialect.

6. Loves cooking
# I loves cooking whenever I'm free and stress. Cooking is kind of stress-reliever... But in Malaysia, I prefer to eat not to cook...ekekeke..

7. Spendthrift
# Some people said I'm generous (@#%&*%$), but I rather feel I'm spendthrift..pemboros..uhuhuhu

8. High symphaty and emphaty
# Easily sorry for another person and feel just like another person.....sentimental ..ahaks..But beware I can easily become a monster once I'm angry...uhuhuhu

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