Sunday, May 24, 2009

How safe is safe?
Salam...while I'm eating lunch lavishly, my thoughts just wandering through my safe is safe enough? I cant denied that food is the caused of many health problem. Be it the food itself or the diet, both contribute to a lot of problem. Sometimes I just feel paranoid but at the same times I'm so hopeless. Im just not in control because how much option do I have.
What I'm trying to say, as the consumer, Im not sure how safe is the chicken that I buy. I do believe that some people are not being responsible and try to be creative and innovative to pump the chicken faster and cutting the cost. The hormone, the paracetamol and some other chemical which caused danger to human had been applied. Im not sure and I dont have the evidence but that is what I heard. Or maybe we shouldn't eat chicken, eat more fish.
The same question goes back how safe is safe? Recently, the farm fish like catfish (keli) claimed to be fed by the dumping of pig sewage in the fish fond. Here arise the question of halal and the definition of safe food is also a part of halal term. If the food is not halal, of course it is not safe. In fact the sewage-filled lagoons at the pig farm in Eastern Mexico are suspected of creating condition for swine flu.
Ok..maybe I should eat only sea fish but again and safe is safe? The sea fish are exposed to mercury contamination. Mercury are very dangerous to us and can caused a lot of problem.
Im just being paranoid but what really matters, I hope producers will be more responsible to the product that they produced. The local agriculture produce should be monitored closely and also the imported food from abroad. The farm produced should be properly label with halal and also the name of the farm which supply the product.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Teachers' Day

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So this year, let us not forget our teachers who made us what we are. Happy Teachers' day to all my teacher May ALLAH BLESS all of you and Al Fatihah for those who are no longer with us.

Im so blessed with wonderful teachers, some of them who are really inspired me to become 'human'. Thank you teacher...I really appreciate all my teacher, but the list below are the best!

Kindy-Cikgu Margeret - thanks for being so caring and motherly and i enjoyed her storytelling..very soft spoken but strict sometimes when we became so hyper. Thank you Cikgu

Primary - Cikgu Rakeah Awi (Mathematics)- every time in the class, she wont waste any minutes but really try her best to teach us how to do mathematics....she is very approachable and I can see sincerity in her. Thank you Cikgu

Lower secondary - Cikgu Maimon Awi (English) - you never failed to motivate us to improve our english and prepared some additional reading material to be read at home. Thank you Cikgu

Upper secondary - Cikgu Maimunah (Bahasa Melayu) - she is very dedicated and hardworking, every week we will be assigned to do at least 2 eassy. She checked the eassy with all the grammatical correction. She will put the best eassy of the week on the notice board. Besides that we need to do other excercise, prosa klasik, rumusan etc. No offence some teacher are lazy to assign their student to do essay coz they are lazy to check (so many student and its really takes time for them to check). Terima kasih Cikgu

Pre-U - Cikgu Satirah Mat Sharif (Mathematics)- she is another hard working teacher. She taught me Mathematics and she really doesnt mind to explain again and again till you understand. She's willing to spend time after class to help you to clear the air. Thank you Cikgu
Pre-U- Cikgu Hasmah Markom - she is also another caring teacher. I still remember she's the one who supervised my Extended Eassy (EE). She kept me motivated to do well in my study right after I came back from medical leave. In fact she was very encouraging and willing to check my eassy for one of the competition. Thank you Cikgu.
And also my undergrad & postgrad lecturer...thank you!

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. ~William Arthur Ward
Happy teachers day to all blogger friends; Cikgu Toknabe, Cikgu Panji & Hubby, Cikgu Azizul, Cikgu Pakngah, Cikgu Azlanlin, Cikgu Meen, Cikgu Xiiinam, Chegu Bani Hasim, Cikgu Muzem, Cikgu Abahmuiz, Cikgu Patungcendana, Cikgu Zue, Cikgu Shifu67, Cikgu MadamGold, Cikgu fly, Cikgu Hayad, Cikgu Jawe, Cikgu Fauziah, Cikgu Yazrie, Cikgu Jane, Cikgu BEiB, Cikgu Azza, Cikgu KakPah, Cikgu Ashley, Cikgu Onezaba, Cikgu Oden, Cikgu Acucomfort...and all (yg terlupa jgn marah ek)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

You kiss and you die?

Assalamualikum and good day to all my friends. Yea...Im so busy with my jihad, and I hope I will accomplish my aim and dreams as soon as possible.
Today is mother's day...talking about mother's day....there are so many reaction about it. Some of my friend says that I'm trying to look modern by celebrate mother's day, some of my friends dont believe in mother's day because it is a marketing strategy to sell the greeting cards, some of my friends think that his mum is an old fashion women who dont care about 'mother's day', some of my friends argue that mother's day should be every day....etc. Well I respect them for what they believe or disbelieve in. Intelligent people have already thought what and why they believe in something....
Western Australia

But as for me, I look at mother's day as a good strategy to strengten our family ties. It is once a year and why not we celebrate, if we can get the whole family together that would be fun I think. Or if that is not possible, at least we can share among our sibling to buy a doesn't matter cheap or expensive, what really matters.... it's the thought that counts. I think now all mothers are aware of 'mother's day', modern or old fashion women....there is lots of promo through newspaper or TVs, and we dont want our mum to feel neglected. Maybe she looks like she doesn't care but deep down who knows.....maybe she's been waiting for her children to wish her 'mother's day' dont take it for granted.

I know in our society, there are still a lot of cases where the children cant hug or kiss their own seem like 'you kiss and you die'. I hope it is not too harsh to say that some children only kiss their parents during their funeral. I cant blame them because it is not our culture...we are not use to it, we are not physical in expressing our love...some feedback from my friends...'tak biasa la', 'malu la', 'ehh nanti mak aku ingat aku ni demam ker apa' etc.....

Well, I see it this way, good deed is always difficult thing to do and sometimes need courage to do it (if it not halal, so easy...teringat plak kes Nab*l terpeluk Irm*..opsss..this is not gossiping blog ok..ahaha). So 'mother's day' is the good day to implement it and once we do it... it will be easier and then it will become natural. Just tell our mum, today is mother's day and I have a present for you and I pray for your good health...and instead of kissing her hand, just hug and kiss her cheek. I know how awkward it is at the beginning but once you get through the first can just do it next time easily. One hug will make our mum happy for the whole day!

I'm not a good son but I try to become one. This entry is good reminder to me myself. And again, 'mother's day' is a good occasion but dont take it it for granted. As in Islam, our responsibility toward our parents is not only on Mother's day but it is every day.

Happy Mother's Day!