Sunday, May 25, 2008


Coles, Bentley Western Australia
Last few weeks I went to Coles with my sister. And I saw this fruit...papaya...err is clearly written yellow papaw. I thought it might be the same fruit so called papaya but with a different names. I did some reading about it and there is literature claimed papaw is another name for papaya.
The scientific name of papaya is Carica papaya L whereas the common name is Betik - Malaysia, Mamao - Brazil, Papaw or paw paw - Australasia and tree melon (mugua) - China.
Somehow there is another literature trying to distinguish between papaw and papaya.
Papaw -Distinct yellow flesh and tends to be a larger fruit
Papaya - Orange to red flesh and usually a smaller oval or pear shaped fruit
But my conclusion, papaya is papaw and papaw is make life easier!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Age that I wish to go back to - tag from Muha

Flower that I give to my sis for mother's day
Bentley Western Australia

Seafood Platter for Mother's day
Frementle Western Australia

I wish I could go back in time of my undergrad - university life. For me, my undergraduate year is the basis for what I am now. After all the hard work and determination it had finally paid off. I had been granting few academic excellence awards and it somehow put me into a perspective. It opens good opportunity in my life. Life as undergrad student is not that fun, but the undergone processed to become a better person was really interesting and enriching.
Allhamdulilah, Allah the Almighty!

#I just spoke to Muha on the phone for the first time..he's so jovial! strong my brother!#


Happy Teacher's Day

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Yes, I feel Japanese!
Does the weather affect your mood? I think yes… I’m having my “lazy Saturday” and it’s raining outside. You can imagine how cold the temperature would like and I feel like hibernating under my duvet. I hardly go out on saturday except if I have things to do in the office. Or else I will stick to my routine; do my laundry, read novel, or cook. I have to solidify my Saturday and enjoy it to the fullest coz I have to work on Sunday.
When I was busy with my laundry, my brother in law was busy in the kitchen. He turned our kitchen to Japanese kitchen..uhuhuhu. He decided to prepare Japanese cuisine called tempura… I managed to shoot a few photos while he was cooking. He lived in Japan for few years and that makes him comfortable preparing Japanese food. His Japanese family taught him how to prepare most of Japanese dish and I think he’s really good.

Bentley, Western Australia
Tempura (てんぷら or 天麩羅, tenpura) is a classic Japanese dish of deep fried battered vegetables or seafood ( My brother in law prepared both vegetable and seafood tempura together with Japanese rice and Miso soup. Miso soup (味噌汁, miso shiru) is a traditional Japanese soup consisting of a stock called "dashi" into which is mixed softened miso paste (
Yes…I feel Japanese..ahaks!!
Happy Mother's Day
Best wishes to all mothers, here and everywhere!

Friday, May 02, 2008

To forgive but not forget
Bentley, Western Australia

“Ok class, I would like all of you to do exercise on page 45 to 50. Please submit at the end of this period”, said Cikgu W. She was walking around the class while we were doing our work. She then stopped at my desk. She was taking my workbook and flipping through. “Who ask you to do all the exercise?” She referred to the scribble answers in pencil. I had answered most of the exercise in the workbook with the help of my tutor. My dad sent me to the tuition class. Once finished with the module, my tutor asked me to go through the school workbook.

I’m so sacred at that time; her pitching was so high and loud. “I’m sorry, I will erase all the answer". I told her in my slow nerved wreaking voice. She returned my workbook with her protest body gesture. That was the first time ever my teacher shouted at me. I’m proud to say that I’m teachers’ pet at school since in primary 1. The main reason is because I’m always ahead of other students (as I’m in Kampung school, not comparable to other good school) and managed to finish any assignment a little bit faster. To keep me busy and occupy, I was appointed as a class leader and I had been holding the portfolio for 6 years (primary 1 till 6). As a class leader, I have to

  • go and forth to the staff room,
  • take names of students who made any noise when teacher was not around,
  • write down questions or exercise on the blackboard whenever my teacher feel so lazy
  • assists my friends to finish their work etc.

The bell was ringing, that means the end of the period. Cikgu W was waiting for all of us to submit the workbook. I was puting my book on top of my friends’. When I just about to sit, I saw a “flying saucer” landed onto the dustbin. That so called flying saucer is my workbook and I recognised it well. My workbook is well wrapped in the transparent plastic with the help of my mum magic touch. I was so shocked and speechless for a few second. Cikgu W asked Z instead of me (as a class leader) to help her with the workbooks and leave the class. I was walking slowly to the dustbin and collect my workbook and I was in tears. I was so terrified that I initially thought of not going back to school again after the incident. I hope she would be better by then but she did throw my book again and again and she always ignored my existence in the class. She enforced her psychology war towards me. I didn’t tell my parents about the incident. My dad found out only when he checked my workbook. At first he thought I didn’t submit my homework, but I told them all the story. My dad told me to once against submit my workbook and inform him if she still refused. I did and she stills the same.

My dad took half day off to see the headmaster. I did cried because I’m afraid Cikgu W will scold me for my dad complaints. After my dad lodging the complaint, she kept the war between us. She had been abusing me emotionally and mentally. To be honest I hate to be in her class and English subject as well. I suffered till the rest of the year. Luckily when I was enroll to primary 5, she didn’t teach me anymore. Alhamdulilah.

But till now I still don't understand why she behaved that way! Did I do some big mistake and unforgiven sin????

I met Cikgu W last year and I greeted her. She still remember me well ..err maybe for what she did to me. She was very proud that I made it all the way to university. I've long forgiven her for what she did and I'm also blessed with lots of other teachers who treated me it is better for me to "forgive and forget"..err but I still can't forget..ahaks