Friday, June 12, 2009 I come..

Salam..Im now in Leeds. I just arrived here last night after about 5.5 hours journey from Heathrow Central Bus Station. Mr Baker picked me up last night. Even now is summer, last night the temp is about 11 degree celcius..pretty cold. Now I'm going out to paint the town red.

Updated 1

Leeds city centre, England

Roundhay Park, Leeds

Update 2 - a walk down memory land - Liverpool

Albert Dock, Liverpool


Grasmere, Cumbria

Monday, June 01, 2009

MH124- AK5202-MH2547-MH004-MA4866-MA4869-MH003-MH125
Salam, tommorow is the big day, yea Im going home for holiday. Im going for a conference in Hungary, so I will take this opportunity to go back to Malaysia for a week. This time I will go back to Kuching to be with the love one. Lin will join me in Kuching...yesss! I have the endless list of my favourite foods that I would like to eat. Some of them, my mum can simply collect at the backyard (bamboo shoot, midin, paku pakis, young jackfruit, tapioca etc) problem with the unhealthy food sources.
After a week stay in Kuching, I will take the flight
Kuching - KL - London Heathrow. I will stay another week in the North England before going to London - Budapest.
After that,
Budapest - London- KL.
I will be in KL for the last week of June, then
KL - Perth.
So, I couldn't flying in the cyber coz busy with real flying ahahaha. I will visit you guys whenever I have time ok. Take care all.
p/s; anyone free, we can meet in Kuching and KL later....bro Ajak and bro Kadok, InsyaAllah will see you guys. Dr Sam I will call you later k. Abg Putra see you on the 10th June?