Sunday, November 29, 2009

Key dondon

Im pretty excited when I saw Malay apple or also known as Tahitan apple or Spondias dulcis L. by the scientific name. In Malaysia this fruit is well known by the name of kedondong or ambra. I'm laughing out loud when I saw the label - key dondon....ummm sound like kedondong in Australian slang LOL....

My mum made the best 'jeruk kedondong' I ever taste, because its really crunchy jeruk..yummy yummy. But my favourite is ulam kedondong with sambal belacan kicap.....wallllaaaaaaa! Since my parents came over and stay for a month, so I bought a kilo of kedondong for jeruk and ulam.

Western Australia
Eid ul adha
Salam eid ul adha to all my friends. Life is all about sacrifice, no matter how small or big our sacrification. Even working to earn for living is a form of sacrifice, staying away from family because of jihad is also sacrifice and so on. However we need to translate the meaning of struggle and sacrifice in our lives into concrete actions that we can take. If we do that to get the pleasure of Allah, InsyaAllah I strongly believe that He will grant us success.

Our menu for this eid: Chicken rendang, nasi minyak, acar rampai, kuah kacang, nasi himpit, masak lodeh dan sambal tumis. And dessert is fruit custard.
The chaos in the kitchen when preparing for the dish really make it feel like raya......

Perth, Western Australia

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Hungarian Pastry

Salam...may all of my blogger friends are in good health and in the best state of Iman. Im busy with writing, thinking, writing and thinking.....owhhh so boring and tiring. Writing report is unlike writing blog entry.

Anyway I would like to share the traditional Hungarian famous pastry Kürtőskalács or Kürtős Kalács. This Hungarian pastry also known as chimney cake or stove cake. I like it very much!! I saw this pastry when I was touring the city of Budapest but not sure about the ingrediant. I just bought it at the exhibition on Hungarian Food Industry at the hotel and they explained better about the ingrediant. Moreover I can personally see the baking process of kurtos.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Happy Eid Mubarak

Salam to all my friends. I hope it is not too late to wish everyone happy eid mubarak, Maaf Zahir Batin! I got back to Perth for almost two weeks after a short trip home to celebrate eid with family. Last year I celebrated my Ramadhan and Eid in Perth so this time around, I went home.

The last week of Ramadhan, I already in my hometown and paint the town red..ehehe. My dad also waiting for me to come back to visit the needy people. It is the annual event during the month of Ramadhan to give some duit raya and goodies. Since I was not around last year, I missed a lot of the updates. We drove to this kampung and I can see a lot of changes. The houses that I used to visit no longer there but had been replaced by the new houses, Alhamdulilah. I asked my dad, and he said its a new government project to help the needy.

And the sad things, I found out many of the old people passed away already. I told my dad, its only last year I didn't join him to visit them, but so many people are no longer with us. But for the second thought, it is good for them (do I sound mean? ). Some of them really suffer, and I remember this one old man, he lived alone, his house was really in bad condition, and he was not well too at that time. Al Fatihah to him and others too.

This is another different story about 3 siblings. The history started when their mum suffered from post natal blues (meroyan), and out of her six children, 3 are having mental illness. These three sibling live by their own at the company house where their dad use to work for many years as labour. But their parents passed away many years ago and now they lived by themselves. I dont even know where will they live if the company no longer allow them to stay there. Obviously they will have no place to go.

This old lady also having mental illness. She lived with her daughter and 3 grandchildren. Her daughter is a divorcee, left by her husband with 3 kids to be fed and now is working at the factory cleaning the bottle for recycling. Her small kids stay at home looking for her unwell mother.

This is another old lady, never been married and live by her own at her golden age. She's no longer has the energy to earn for living.

This is only a few interesting story of the unfortunate people. So we must be grateful of what we have and dont forget the needy. Even a small amount of money and goodies we give to them, it will make a different, at least will make them smile.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Great "Balik Kampung" Exodus

Salam...time fly and Eid ul Fitri just around the corner. True Malaysian with their “balik kampung’ ritual will be a part of Eid celebration. Im not exceptional to this phenomenon and I experienced it all the way since I went to Semenanjung for my pre- u and to UK for my tertiary education. Along my journey, Im much more dealing with air transport (what choice do I have except tongkang ..ehehe). I had a big dilemma to decide when to buy the ticket. To get cheap airfare, early booking is needed. But sometimes we are not even sure when will be the raya break started. Some lecturer will do make up classes so that they can ‘balik kampung’ earlier. Thats mean we can go back earlier too if there is no more lecture. But if we purchase in advance, so there is slim chances to change unless you pay for 1st class.

There was one incident when we went for the check in, the staff at the counter told us that all of our name were not in the list. At that time we felt so hopeless over the possibilities to be stranded in Semenanjung. And I don’t want to spend my Eid in the college. But somehow the problem resolved because it was not our mistake at all. We had the authorised ticket but somehow our names had been deleted from the system. During that time, the cheapest flight means the earliest morning flight. So usually my friends and I will leave the college in the late afternoon and lepaking at the Subang Airport Terminal 3. We then break our fasting together at the A&W, the only available fast-food. The adventure of going back home will be more exciting if it was the same timing with my sister. So we will be lepaking together from the evening till the next morning. It was tiring but we always in happy mode. The excitement to go home, finish the remaining ramadhan and celebrating eid with family is what we always looking forward as ‘perantau’.

Almost 5 year in UK, Im so lucky that we had our Ramadhan during the winter. The fasting was short unlike now where my friends in UK fasting longer hours during the summer. During winter, we had a short semester break that was about a month. So I took the opportunity to go home for Eid whenever possible. But again, as a student of course money is the main constraint. To get cheap flight is not easy during this time. And furthermore Brits like to travel during the winter to the hot and sunny countries. So the airfare during that time is relatively high. I need to search for the cheapest and there is one time, I had to gamble. I asked the travel agent to find the cheapest for that peak season so she suggested that I fly from Manchester to Amsterdam with British Airways and from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur with Ch*na Airlines. The problem was Ch*na Airlines was crashed in Hong Kong few months before my trip. No wonder there is so many available seats and the price is cheaper than any other airline. I took it and Alhamdulilah I had a safe journey. But that was the first and the last..ahahaha!

Above is the story of the yesteryear and the scenario is much different now. Nowadays, with the existence of budget airline at the national and international sector, it encourages the mass ‘balik kampung’ exodus. Our Malaysia National carrier also offer competitive price and there is always extra flight available during the festive season. The breaking of monopoly in air transport in Malaysia is really spill the advantage to people like me. Even I consider myself pretty late in making decision to go home for Eid, the good bargain ticket is still available and also the connecting flight to Kuching. So, this year I will celebrate my Eid in Malaysia... yessssss!!!!! Lin also manages to get her leave and join me in Kuching for at least a few days. Then I will stay few days in KL before flying back to Perth. I will be in Kuching from 14 to 24 Sept and KL from 24 to 27 Sept. I can still go to Bazaar Ramadhan and eat all my favourite food...ahahaha so happy! Its time to do the spring cleaning and pack for "balik kampung". Flight will be tomorrow night and some last minute shopping need to be done. And the end of wake up call from my mum...ahaha. Thanks for calling me for sahur every morning.

p/s Ok Kuching blogger -Abg Putra, Uncle Pharo, Pak Ngah, Sdr Razak Putit - come over to my house for raya ok!! Dr Sam InsyaAllah see you in KL. Dont think can meet up with blogger friends in KL coz sure most of them 'balik kampung', so maybe next time.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Déjà vu Ramadhan
Salam to All…….wow it’s been almost a month from the last update….Im so busy and I had caught fever and down for almost two weeks. Alhamdulilah I’m ok now and it’s just the right time for me to welcome holy month of Ramadhan.

I couldn’t helps but feels nostalgic whenever Ramadhan visit us. Ramadhan by default is a month of celebration, religious devoutness, and strengthening family and social ties, but for me, it is the month when the feelings of homesickness reach a peak, with all the nostalgic feelings Ramadan brings.

Feeling nostalgic and craving for my mum's cooking always tingling in my mind. I can list down all my must -have gastronomic item….sob3x. The holy month of Ramadan is also a time for feasting and rejoicing. Ramadhan bazaar appears in every city and town, bustling with activity and bursting at the seams with great food. At hometown, without fail I will visit Satok Bazaar Ramadhan, eating food by my ‘eyes’ and end up with nothing. I will make another round and make difficult decision to buy..but I still like the ambience.

During this Ramadhan, sahur with family is always the best. I lost my appetite just now during my lonely sahur (my sis, BIL and my nephews went back to Malaysia for hols) and how I wish I can go through this with those peoples I love. Sahur always remind me with my mum. She such a supermum and wife, she almost never fails to wake up early and prepare meal for sahur. Whenever everything is ready she will wake all of us. Even when my sisters can take over the post, she will always be the first in kitchen. There was one time (we were kids and my dad is handicap in kitchen) and she had a fever. … and hardly can’t get up from bed but she still fulfill her duty. She took a head scarf and tied around her head like bandana head band to reduce the headache so she can prepare meal for sahur.

Another ritual that is close to my heart is the ‘man’s activity’ with my dad during Ramadhan. Since teenager I always follow my dad to visit the old, poor and needy peoples. My dad will look for close and long distance relatives and then any needy people to be given goodies and ‘duit raya’. This activity is very meaningful and teaches me how to become a better person. At the same time it makes me realize there still a lot of unfortunate people in Malaysia.
To all blogger friends- Happy Ramadhan Al Mubaraq;
As the crescent moon is sighted…And the holy month of Ramadan beings…May Allah bless you with happinessand grace your home with warmth & peace ! (Unknown)
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  • Improve my writing skill
  • Snapshot of some event of my life
  • Make new friends

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fighting for shifa
Salam…..I hope all of my blogger friends are in the best state of health and Iman. Talking about health I just read the sorrowful news about the Malaysia famous director Yasmin Ahmad who had passed away…Al Fatihah. And a few days ago I received news about a friend who had been admitted to the hospital. It gives me pause…pause for thought!

I have been through ….well I think it is a lot with all the health turbulence. At one time, hospital is just like a second home to me. But who am I to complain, when I read other bloggers experience dealing with terminal diseases or suffer from more complicated health issues, then I’m in much better shape. When I look back to a window of my yester – years, there is always a hikmah from what had happen to me. Allah had tested me with all the sickness but in return, Alhamdulilah He awarded me with strength and determination to excel in my studies, secured a good job, surrounded with peoples that I love, travel to a lot of places, blogging..ahahha

Yea, through blogging, I have the opportunity to meet a lot of new friends. And from them, I have learned to appreciate life. There are a few blogs that really strike me…and the first blog belong to cancer patient, arwah Z…Al Fatihah to him. Yea I cried badly reading through his last journey fighting for cancer. He taught me the real meaning of life and family values. Another blogger is Kassim Selamat. I had the opportunity to visit him once and really hope to see him again. From his blog, I learned about determination. I also follow Dr Ajak, a young surgeon with a bright future who was fighting against leukemia. Following his long journey fighting for this cancer, made me burst into tears. His unbearable suffer from chemo, the transplant and all the roller coaster feeling sometimes beyond our imagination. But from his writing and photos really explained what he had been through. My last trip home, I had the opportunity to meet him. He looks happy and healthy Alhamdulilah.

Another blog is belong to Muha, a young man from Pahang who is also suffer from cancer. I had the opportunity to visit him sometimes ago. What amaze me, even though he lose his sight, he still can direct us to his place. The opportunity to meet him in person, gave me the chance to see his positiveness toward life. I’m holding my tears looking at him…. His cheerfulness sometimes makes you forget that he is a person that had gone through a lot in his life. Please read this article to know more about his battle in life.

Photo with Muha, Malaysia

To all my friends who are in the battle fighting for shifa, the only thing I can offer is to make d’ua to ALLAH.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Salam all....Alhamdulilah Im now in Australia for about a week already. Im so busy with the report I need to submit and other tonnes of work waiting for my attention. My updates on my journey to UK had been stopped up till my conquest on Cumbria territory. Actually my journey then proceed to Oxford. I was forced (ahaha....I still keep the threatening email from Mrs Wan) to visit them in Oxford. I really enjoyed my short stay in Oxford and thanks to Wan for photo session, thanks to Mrs Wan and aunty for nice meal.

Im so happy and I had been waiting for many years to revisit UK after spending half of my yourthful life in UK. I just like a kid receiving candy when my boss informed me about the Hungary trip. Ok I would like to share some of my photos in Oxford including the Christ Church College's dining hall. This hall had been using as Hogwarts dining hall (used in the sorting ceremony) in the Harry Potters.
Christ Church College's dining hall a.k.a Hogwarts dining hall in Harry Potter

Oxford, UK

Punt (boat)- Lets go punting (boating) in Oxford

Student after the final exam - The students of Oxford striding about the city in black ceremonial robes, worn because this has been the custom during final exams for centuries and because the customs lends dignity and stature to the mundane act of taking a test.

Friday, June 12, 2009 I come..

Salam..Im now in Leeds. I just arrived here last night after about 5.5 hours journey from Heathrow Central Bus Station. Mr Baker picked me up last night. Even now is summer, last night the temp is about 11 degree celcius..pretty cold. Now I'm going out to paint the town red.

Updated 1

Leeds city centre, England

Roundhay Park, Leeds

Update 2 - a walk down memory land - Liverpool

Albert Dock, Liverpool


Grasmere, Cumbria

Monday, June 01, 2009

MH124- AK5202-MH2547-MH004-MA4866-MA4869-MH003-MH125
Salam, tommorow is the big day, yea Im going home for holiday. Im going for a conference in Hungary, so I will take this opportunity to go back to Malaysia for a week. This time I will go back to Kuching to be with the love one. Lin will join me in Kuching...yesss! I have the endless list of my favourite foods that I would like to eat. Some of them, my mum can simply collect at the backyard (bamboo shoot, midin, paku pakis, young jackfruit, tapioca etc) problem with the unhealthy food sources.
After a week stay in Kuching, I will take the flight
Kuching - KL - London Heathrow. I will stay another week in the North England before going to London - Budapest.
After that,
Budapest - London- KL.
I will be in KL for the last week of June, then
KL - Perth.
So, I couldn't flying in the cyber coz busy with real flying ahahaha. I will visit you guys whenever I have time ok. Take care all.
p/s; anyone free, we can meet in Kuching and KL later....bro Ajak and bro Kadok, InsyaAllah will see you guys. Dr Sam I will call you later k. Abg Putra see you on the 10th June?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

How safe is safe?
Salam...while I'm eating lunch lavishly, my thoughts just wandering through my safe is safe enough? I cant denied that food is the caused of many health problem. Be it the food itself or the diet, both contribute to a lot of problem. Sometimes I just feel paranoid but at the same times I'm so hopeless. Im just not in control because how much option do I have.
What I'm trying to say, as the consumer, Im not sure how safe is the chicken that I buy. I do believe that some people are not being responsible and try to be creative and innovative to pump the chicken faster and cutting the cost. The hormone, the paracetamol and some other chemical which caused danger to human had been applied. Im not sure and I dont have the evidence but that is what I heard. Or maybe we shouldn't eat chicken, eat more fish.
The same question goes back how safe is safe? Recently, the farm fish like catfish (keli) claimed to be fed by the dumping of pig sewage in the fish fond. Here arise the question of halal and the definition of safe food is also a part of halal term. If the food is not halal, of course it is not safe. In fact the sewage-filled lagoons at the pig farm in Eastern Mexico are suspected of creating condition for swine flu.
Ok..maybe I should eat only sea fish but again and safe is safe? The sea fish are exposed to mercury contamination. Mercury are very dangerous to us and can caused a lot of problem.
Im just being paranoid but what really matters, I hope producers will be more responsible to the product that they produced. The local agriculture produce should be monitored closely and also the imported food from abroad. The farm produced should be properly label with halal and also the name of the farm which supply the product.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Teachers' Day

Source: youtube
So this year, let us not forget our teachers who made us what we are. Happy Teachers' day to all my teacher May ALLAH BLESS all of you and Al Fatihah for those who are no longer with us.

Im so blessed with wonderful teachers, some of them who are really inspired me to become 'human'. Thank you teacher...I really appreciate all my teacher, but the list below are the best!

Kindy-Cikgu Margeret - thanks for being so caring and motherly and i enjoyed her storytelling..very soft spoken but strict sometimes when we became so hyper. Thank you Cikgu

Primary - Cikgu Rakeah Awi (Mathematics)- every time in the class, she wont waste any minutes but really try her best to teach us how to do mathematics....she is very approachable and I can see sincerity in her. Thank you Cikgu

Lower secondary - Cikgu Maimon Awi (English) - you never failed to motivate us to improve our english and prepared some additional reading material to be read at home. Thank you Cikgu

Upper secondary - Cikgu Maimunah (Bahasa Melayu) - she is very dedicated and hardworking, every week we will be assigned to do at least 2 eassy. She checked the eassy with all the grammatical correction. She will put the best eassy of the week on the notice board. Besides that we need to do other excercise, prosa klasik, rumusan etc. No offence some teacher are lazy to assign their student to do essay coz they are lazy to check (so many student and its really takes time for them to check). Terima kasih Cikgu

Pre-U - Cikgu Satirah Mat Sharif (Mathematics)- she is another hard working teacher. She taught me Mathematics and she really doesnt mind to explain again and again till you understand. She's willing to spend time after class to help you to clear the air. Thank you Cikgu
Pre-U- Cikgu Hasmah Markom - she is also another caring teacher. I still remember she's the one who supervised my Extended Eassy (EE). She kept me motivated to do well in my study right after I came back from medical leave. In fact she was very encouraging and willing to check my eassy for one of the competition. Thank you Cikgu.
And also my undergrad & postgrad lecturer...thank you!

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires. ~William Arthur Ward
Happy teachers day to all blogger friends; Cikgu Toknabe, Cikgu Panji & Hubby, Cikgu Azizul, Cikgu Pakngah, Cikgu Azlanlin, Cikgu Meen, Cikgu Xiiinam, Chegu Bani Hasim, Cikgu Muzem, Cikgu Abahmuiz, Cikgu Patungcendana, Cikgu Zue, Cikgu Shifu67, Cikgu MadamGold, Cikgu fly, Cikgu Hayad, Cikgu Jawe, Cikgu Fauziah, Cikgu Yazrie, Cikgu Jane, Cikgu BEiB, Cikgu Azza, Cikgu KakPah, Cikgu Ashley, Cikgu Onezaba, Cikgu Oden, Cikgu Acucomfort...and all (yg terlupa jgn marah ek)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

You kiss and you die?

Assalamualikum and good day to all my friends. Yea...Im so busy with my jihad, and I hope I will accomplish my aim and dreams as soon as possible.
Today is mother's day...talking about mother's day....there are so many reaction about it. Some of my friend says that I'm trying to look modern by celebrate mother's day, some of my friends dont believe in mother's day because it is a marketing strategy to sell the greeting cards, some of my friends think that his mum is an old fashion women who dont care about 'mother's day', some of my friends argue that mother's day should be every day....etc. Well I respect them for what they believe or disbelieve in. Intelligent people have already thought what and why they believe in something....
Western Australia

But as for me, I look at mother's day as a good strategy to strengten our family ties. It is once a year and why not we celebrate, if we can get the whole family together that would be fun I think. Or if that is not possible, at least we can share among our sibling to buy a doesn't matter cheap or expensive, what really matters.... it's the thought that counts. I think now all mothers are aware of 'mother's day', modern or old fashion women....there is lots of promo through newspaper or TVs, and we dont want our mum to feel neglected. Maybe she looks like she doesn't care but deep down who knows.....maybe she's been waiting for her children to wish her 'mother's day' dont take it for granted.

I know in our society, there are still a lot of cases where the children cant hug or kiss their own seem like 'you kiss and you die'. I hope it is not too harsh to say that some children only kiss their parents during their funeral. I cant blame them because it is not our culture...we are not use to it, we are not physical in expressing our love...some feedback from my friends...'tak biasa la', 'malu la', 'ehh nanti mak aku ingat aku ni demam ker apa' etc.....

Well, I see it this way, good deed is always difficult thing to do and sometimes need courage to do it (if it not halal, so easy...teringat plak kes Nab*l terpeluk Irm*..opsss..this is not gossiping blog ok..ahaha). So 'mother's day' is the good day to implement it and once we do it... it will be easier and then it will become natural. Just tell our mum, today is mother's day and I have a present for you and I pray for your good health...and instead of kissing her hand, just hug and kiss her cheek. I know how awkward it is at the beginning but once you get through the first can just do it next time easily. One hug will make our mum happy for the whole day!

I'm not a good son but I try to become one. This entry is good reminder to me myself. And again, 'mother's day' is a good occasion but dont take it it for granted. As in Islam, our responsibility toward our parents is not only on Mother's day but it is every day.

Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Salam....there is so many things I would like to share but due to time constraints, very little I can offer. But today I would like to share about Women Issue which I think is very important. It’s happened in my family and wouldn’t want it to happen to other people out there.

Western Australia

My aunty passed away many years ago due to breast cancer. We accept it as Qadaq and Qadar... but what is the best lesson we learn from this? yea breast cancer screening is very well important especially to those with a high risk. My mum is in her late 50 and I had reminded her many times to go for mammogram and woman at her age should go for the screening at least every three years. But she's so scared and according to her friends mammogram is very painful procedure. She has her 'family' doctor (Dr Q) for routine check up and the expenses are all covered by health benefit (employer scheme). She used to request for the mammogram and Dr. Q said it is not necessary and advise my mum to do her 'self checking'. Taking the advice from Dr Q, she was very happy and makes that as an excuse not to go for mammogram.

But somehow she experience discomfort on her arm and then she had requested for mammogram. She finally allowed going for mammogram (Dr Q is acting like he’s the one who paying for the expenses…argghhh it’s all the employer money ok). As a result, there is a small lump near her armpit about 1cm. When my mum calls Dr Q for the result, he said the result is ok. Then my sister calls him for confirmation and asking if there is any lump. Then he said there is a lump but he reassured it should be fine. My sis so mad and asked him how sure is he that the lump is ok? My mum went to see him the following day and he asked my mum to wait for another 6 months for futher check up.

My sis contacted Lin for second opinion and I also contacted my friend, a medical lecturer and also talked to my colleague who is currently doing research related to breast cancer. They advised to go for further check up with specialist. If necessary fine needle biopsy might be needed. My sister set appointment with the consultant at NM Medical Centre and at the same time contacted Dr Q for referral to specialist. If Dr Q made the referral, then it would be covered but if he doesn’t want to do so, then we just pay ourselves. My sister really pushed Dr Q with saying there is a lump and we requested for further check up and let the specialist decide. Unless it is all normal then it would be unreasonable to ask for referral. He at last agrees after another drama! Fuhhhhhhhh

My mum went to the consultant and he asked her to do the ultra sound, instead of one there is another one but didn’t appear in the mammogram. The second newly found lump is very small. The consultant said it should be ok and asked my mum to come back in 3 months time for another ultrasound. I hope everything is fine.

Personally I think the Breast Screening should be done to all women 50 and above and also the high risk group (e.g. history of cancer in family).

The programme in the UK has screened more than 19 million women and has detected around 117,000 cancers.
A report by the Department of Health Advisory Committee published in 1991 suggested that the programme would save 1,250 lives each year by 2010.2
The World Health Organisation's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) concluded that mammography screening for breast cancer reduces mortality. The IARC working group, comprising 24 experts from 11 countries, evaluated all the available evidence on breast screening and determined that there is a 35 per cent reduction in mortality from breast cancer among screened women aged 50 - 69 years old. This means that out of every 500 women screened, one life will be saved.3


I hope my friends who read this, please bring your mum for mammogram if they already 50 and above or if there is cancer history in the family. It cost less than RM200 in private hospital and this is might be a good gift for the coming Mother's day? Besides that overall medical check up for elderly is also important.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Mi Kolok

Western Australia

Salam to all my friends, again I'm drowning in the ocean of work. It seems so many thing I have to do and sometimes it put me into maximum stress. But there is no turning back, I must go forward and finish whatever I start earlier. I have to be responsible to myself and all the stakeholder involved.

In the midst of my busy life, I'm still longing for one of my favourite food, Mi Kolok. I never prepared it myself before, in Malaysia I just help the Mi Kolok vendors to earn some profit. Yea, at least they have the business for having people like me..ahaks. Well, here there is no way to get Mi Kolok so I decided to prepare myself, first bad la....there is big space for improvement. Yea cooking is a skill, it needs to be polished and always try and try..thats the way I see it. But my cooking skill will always fade away once I landed myself in the mother land..ahaha.

* Mi Kolok @ mi sapi is the famous mi in Sarawak beside Laksa Sarawak. Make sure you try when you visit Sarawak. There is a few types of Mi kolok - Mi Kolok goreng, mi kolok basah (the soup and mi mix together), mi kolok kering (just like in the photo: you eat mi and then follow by the soup)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy birthday dad and me
Yesterday I met an Iranian brother. Well I'm helping him because he is new to this place and struggling to settle down. Then we had the conversation
AR: How old are you brother?

Me: Guess?

AR: errrr 22 maybe

Me: ....big smile.....

errrr 22 maybe.... When I hear that figure I feel like a kite flying on the sky, feel so young again even though I know Im still young indeed...ahahahaha.

Me: I'm @#@#@ and in fact tommorrow is my birthday

AR: I can't believe look so young brother...

Me: I'm young..ahahahaha

Today, when I woke up, there is a sms from Lin for the well wishes. Thanks! And my sis served the breakfast, mi goreng and she hugged me for my birthday wishes. My brother in law also wished me by reminding the big number.....sabar je la ahaha. They bought me a present too. My nephew wrote a birthday card for cute. He's only three... and this evening we will be going out for dinner at Fish and Chip in Freementle......

Western Australia

Again this year there is no double birthday partner is away in Malaysia. We are sharing the same birthday..we always celebrate it together. But my two sisters already arrange the day for him. All of us share to buy him the present, a new handphone for him. Happy Birthday to my beloved Dad.

My blogger friend, Kadok who just celebrated his birthday on 12 March wished to have the same birthday with his coming offspring...( Kadok baby dah lahir belom?) ...and you know kadok, having the same birthday between dad and son not that fun because always have to share the cake or even the present..ahahahaha...

Well honestly its good to have the same birthday with my dad because its usually become the gathering time for all. The family ties is more important, the get together always blend a good and sweet memory. It is not just the cake and candle but the manifestation of love among family is really matter for me.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

In Honor of Siblings
Western Australia
I took this photo the last couple of months at the Shelly Bridge . That two little kids, a brother and sister enjoyed themselves and it reminicsing about my childhood days with my big sister. I’m the second child and our age gap is only 2 years. Yea we were very close during that time but not always in a good term. We always fight with each other during our childhood days like cat and dog..ahahaha. But somehow we became close when we were teenager.
But what can I say; she is always a good sister. As the eldest, she set a good precedence. She did well in her study and that become a good catalyst for me to follow. She made her way to MRSM, did her degree, went to US for her master and currently doing her Phd in the kangaroo land.
To the outside world, we all grow old. But not to brothers and sisters. We know each other as we always were. We know each other's hearts. We share private family jokes. We remember family feuds and secrets, family griefs and joys. We live outside the touch of time.
~Clara Ortega

Friday, February 13, 2009

Salam Jumaat...may Allah bless us with HIS mercy and bounty. I just went to Friday prayer and alhamdulilah today there is a huge crowd and as usual some of the congregation participants have to pray outside of the mussola. The mussola is not enough to accommodate all the participants. However, this is a good indicator that there is a lot of Muslim still practising...Alhamdulilah.

But what really strikes me today and made me unhappy...I spot a few participant simply wearing short pants to perform their Jumaah. Is this a new trend? Yea it might not as controversial as what Amina Wadud did last time by leading the prayer and proud to be the first female Imam...but the small thing like this is not healthy at all. I think as a Muslim this is simple knowledge of such a mundane matter of the male aurat. The 'aurat' is between their navel and the KNEE. I'm just wondering even if we need to be fashionable, please dont wear short pant on Friday so that easy for us to perform the jumaah. For God sake its only Friday...maybe the rest of the time we can go home and simple change but not on Friday. As matter of fact the congregational Friday prayer is a must for male muslim. Ok...this is the issue of short pants (at the knee level) and another case where some of them wearing short pants but still cover their knee. We need to be careful. Some of the pants just few inches down the knee and when we perform the solat, the movement especially during the rukuk or sujud, will somehow expose the knee. This is a common sense and as an adult we should be able to think about it. At least if still want to wear it on Friday, bring the sarung.

Mandurah, Western Australia

Maybe I'm sound like Ustaz or Iman but no kidding, as an adult we should show good example to the kids. We dont want them to have an idea that wearing short pants during solat is ok and at the end it become a trend and culture. In fact wearing short pant exposing the aurat is a big sin and what more when we meet Allah. I do wear short but at least 3/4 length so even if I need to perform my solat it wont expose my aurat. I hope this entry will be a good reminder to myself and also my blogger friends.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Salam...sorry again. I've been so busy these few weeks and in fact still busy to settle few things for my trip to Europe in June InsyaAllah. Im so happy to be awarded the grant from one of the organisation in US but in return there is so many thing I need to prepare..phewwwww!!! I wish I just win 4D instead..ahahaha. For sure I dont have to do anything but jolly myself. BUT..a big is only in this dunia but in hereafter, buying 4D means I already book my ticket to hell....hell no!

I still owe saudara Kelana this tag...I know it stale already...ehehehe

1. Do you think you are hot?
Yes.....its summer here....

2. Upload your favourite picture of you.

Western Australia

3. Why do you like that picture?
I like scenery

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
Last week

5. The last song you listened to?
Haziq - Joget Cinta Sakti

6. What are you doing right now besides this?

7. What name would you prefer besides this?

Tag 5 people.
(i)CT(Reminasi Kehidupan)
(ii)DrSam(Archive of life)
(iii)Penoreh Getah

8. Who is no. 1?
She is a blogger friend whom I call aunty and we share the same (Aunty come over to Perth laa ask uncle to sponsor u..eheheh)

9. No. 3 is having a relationship with?
He is dating someone...also a blogger (dont forgot to introduce me to her later k..ahaha)

10. Say something about no. 5.
He is my age and went to the same uni with a few of my secondary schoolmate. Currently working and live in Port Klang. ( Sorry bro so busy...since u keep remind me of new entry then I spare sometimes to write..ahaha)

11. How about no. 4?
He is the first blogger I had meet if I'm not mistaken. It took place in the Senai Airport (bro...when are you coming over?)

12. Who is no. 2?
He is another friend who is originally from Terengganu. He now lives in Sungai Buloh with his family...a nice and friendly 'old' guy(Dont forget to belanja me sushi king k for promoting u here..ahaha)

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Beautiful firework blast Vs horrific bombing blast

Salam...fuhhh nothing much happen today. I'm just wasting my time waiting for my computer to get fixed. After the big bang computer crashed before, the condition of my desktop getting worst. It is so much slow as before and when I run the software it is easily get hang. It is just simple software run, imagine if i start with the modelling...errr dont get me wrong, Im not a model..or supermodel at all....far beyond my own imagination..LOL! Ok, the technician suggest for the new computer and I would like to forward it to my imediate boss and I hope I can get at least faster computer. I'm tired of playing around with a tortoise..let me get my hand on a cute rabbit! At least I can surf faster and update blog frequently..ahahaha... I should stop day dreaming, I don't even get a new computer fast like a rabbit yet but I had been thinking so many thing to do with it heh...

Burshwood, Western Australia

On the new year eve, I joined Kak I and family to watch firework. I'm so lazy to get in the crowd but since kak I drive and I'm acting like pensioner datuk at the back seat...I enjoyed every moment. I brought with me the tripod and of course my toy. After going through heavy traffic jam like a crawling baby..we then reached the destination. Lot of people already parked themself at the riverbank for the count down and firework. We managed to find a place and I started to set up my tripod and place my camera facing the fireworks launch plateform area at the far end, on the other side of riverbank. Ok, since I haven't really do my homework, so here is the photo I captured. Im not really happy with the output. Dont know when I will get ample time to enhance my knowledge on the photography. Well it all about opportunity order to get something you need to let go of something else...yea wait for the right time to come. I really enjoyed the beautiful firework but at the same time my heart goes out to those suffered in the cruel, barbaric and reprehensible, it is also senseless attacked by Israeli government. SAY PEACE NO WAR!!