Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Araluen, Western Australia

I'm not good at remembering the numbers, birthday or whatsoever...uhuhu. So I need people to remind me....luckily this morning my mum remind me about my kakak I ( and also on behalf of Lin) would like to wish my beloved kakak happy birthday and may Allah bless you. About my kakak, I'm very close with her, she's my enemy and she's also my friend....ekekeke. I can't denied that she is the best kakak..err by the way she's the only kakak..eheheh. Who am I today is part and parcel of her influence, for her best example especially in academic... upsr/penilaian darjah 5, PMR/SRP, SPM, degree, master....I do believe as a sister or brother, we should set a good example to our adik-adik...somehow it will infuence and expose them to the importance of life. Thanks to my big sis!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Raya - 4
Big Sis house, Petra Jaya, Kuching Sarawak

Most probably that was the last time we celebrated raya at my sis house…the house is already put up for sell. They already bought a new house which is very near to my parents and her in laws. The new house was ready but they might just stuff their furniture and all their good since they planned to be away for 3 years starting the end of this year. At my sis, a part of all the cakes, we are served with lodeh and satay.... by the way that is the photo of my nephew..very mischievous and super active boy...lady in pink is my younger sis, lady in blue is my youngest sis and lady in yellow is my beloved mum.....ahaks

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Raya - 3
Endoscopy Suite, Normah Medical Specialist centre, Kuching Sarawak

I arrived in Kuching on the 10 October. The following day I had made an appointment with the physician. There were three available physicians on that day and all of them I’m familiar with. I prefer to see Dr. G but unfortunately he’s not available in the morning. So I met Dr. C whom is well known for his sense of unfriendliness… whatever!!!….after discussing a few things, he then referred me to general surgeon Dr. L for the endoscopy. I just had my breakfast and medicine in the morning (obviously I’m not fasting by that time in month of Ramadhan…shyyyhhh). By then I was not allowed to take any food till after the procedure. So, he asked me to come back at 3.30 pm and see Dr L. Dr L is very friendly and soft-spoken doc. He went through my file and screens all my history for the last 10 years and he did ask me few questions here and there. Then I got ready for the endoscopy. I came with my dad because I cannot drive after the procedures. The nurse guided me to the endoscopy room which is next to emergency room. My dad and I sat for a while and then the nurse called me in to the suite. There were 2 nurses; the assistant and the instrument nurse around and they asked me to change my cloth and take off my spec. They asked me if I wear any denture but I said no. I lied down on the bed and the nurse covered me with the blanket. Then Dr. L came in and explained the procedure to me. He gave me the injection on my left arm and just in few minutes I’m off. I just woke up after the procedure…Dr. L told me something but I barely can remember…ekekeke kind of drowsy. Dr L gave my dad a copy of CD of my endoscopy and before we went home, my dad settled the bills. It cost us about RM700, not that bad I guess. Since the doc said I’m ok ….so I enjoyed my raya and all the food. But once I got the full report from DR L, then I found out there is gastritis and erosion in my stomach lining. Lin told me I better not take spicy food and carbonated drinks….ekekekek luckily we only knew after raya….if not there is no meaning of raya without all the foods and carbonated drinks. By the way the helicobacter pylori result was negative.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Raya - 2
With Kasawari and the boys, Senai Airport, Johor Malaysia

I met Kasawari on the way back to Kuching. I went back through Singapore from Perth and then I took another flight to Kuching at 6.05 pm. I need to go to the boarding gate at 5.30 pm and luckily Kasawari and his family arrived early and if not I will missed the chance to meet them. It just a short meeting and it was the first time I met blogger. Ammar and Aiman are very cute…and Ammar was very mischievous ekkekeke..see his action in the photo. Thanks for the pineapple tarts, my favourite biscuit..uhuhu.

I called kasawari again this afternoon, and he told me his wife set to undergo operation tomorrow. It was supposed to be today but postponed to tomorrow. ..hope everything will be fine.

When I arrived in Kuching, my brother picked me up at the airport. We supposed to go to my sis house because she invited my parents and family for break fasting and also to celebrate in my ‘homecoming’. Since I arrived a bit late, my mum already went to visit my aunty on her way home. So, we changed the plan and my brother drove me to my parent’s house straight away. I arrived first then my mum. She was very shocked to see me at home..ekekkekeke…I hugged her and then I distributed all the presents for my parents, sisters and my only brother. That night we slept pretty late. I had the ‘sembang’ session till late mid night. This is kind of tradition…when we are away for a long time and return home, we will have a long conversation and pick up whatever story that we miss when we are away…

Monday, October 22, 2007

Raya - 1
"Home Sweet Home" Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia
Alhamdulilah, I safely arrived in Perth last night at around 9 pm and only reached home at 11.30 pm. My Bruneian friends picked me up at the airport around 10.30 pm and then I had my super at their house. They came late because I only managed to inform them once I reached Perth. Lin did sms them early but due to technical problem, the sms didn’t reached them. Late last night when I checked my blog, I read the message left by Hairie at my cbox about Kasawari7. I did call Kasawari this morning and alhamdulilah they are doing fine. Only his wife still admitted in the hospital. I will pray for them that everything will be fine. Poor Aimman and Ammar, they must be very shocked due to the accident. To Mrs Kasawari7, speedy recovery wishes for her. I got to go and I will update my raya event later…still jet lag..uhuhuhu

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Freo market - 3
Peanuts, Frementle Western Australia
Peanuts..I guess most of us know this species.. especially raya is just round the corner. Peanuts remind me of Satay sauce or gravy or know as Kuah Satay. I still remember when I was in UK, I bought salty peanuts at Kwik Save to prepare Kuah satay for myself. It’s much easier and I just blend the salty peanut.

Speaking of the witch, I would like to inform all of my friends here that I will "balik kampong" tonight till 21 Oct…travel from Perth to Singapore, then JB to Kuching. Please pray for my safe journey home to be with my family. Lin will only join me in Kuching on the 3rd raya will be a happening raya..InsyaAllah. Next year, we can not celebrate with complete family members because my sister and her family will be away too. Anyway...It will be a big suprise for my parents because they don't know about me coming home...shhhsss keep it a secret ok! So, I would like to wish you all;
p/s I will try blogging from time to time …or whenever I have time..miss u all..ahaks

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Freo market - 2
Hazel nuts, Frementle Western Australia
Honestly I don't know much about hazel nut. If my memory doesn’t fail me, I started to become familiar with the term hazel nut when I was in kindergarten. Long time ago, when my dad bought us chocolate with hazel nut. A part from that, I never saw the real hazel nut or even the shrub which produce the nuts. I’m not really into chocolate but hazelnut chocolate always my preference....ahak! At freo market, I saw the nuts and it’s quite expensive even though not as expensive as macadamia nut...well nothing cheaper here in Australia..kui kui kui!! Here is the fact about hazel nut;

The Common Hazel (Corylus avellana) is a species of hazel native to Europe and Asia.
The name of the species, avellana is derived from Avellino, a place in Italy.
It is typically a shrub reaching 3-8 m tall, but can reach 15 m. The leaves are deciduous, rounded, 6-12 cm long and across, softly hairy on both surfaces, and with a double-serrate margin.
(Source wikipedia)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Perth Royal Hospital
Perth, Western Australia


Alhamdulilah,I'm getting better now and already discharged from the hospital. So now I can continue blogging..ahakss.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Freo market - 1Coffee beans, Frementle Western Australia
Last Sunday I went to Fremantle market a.k.a Freo market. It was really happening over there. There are variety choices of product… that is amazing. It is a good place for tourists. I found so many interesting products and the ambience just make you feel..errr how to describe it...well it makes you feel just right. The prices and qualities of the product are not bad. Actually I knew about this market long time ago but don't be bother to go there. I don't the real reason but might be we are really into E-shed market I guess. E-shed is another famous market in Fremantle but its different atmosphere. For me, where ever I go, the first place I would love to go is to the farmers market or whatever well-known term applied such as weekend market, tamu market etc. The market is consider as the gateway to the real tourism spots for me...what I’m trying to say the market usually consist of all component which allows you to experience the culture, the local product, the indigenous product, food souvenir etc. The photo I took above is the stall which sells different types of flavoured coffee beans. My friend bought the Vanilla flavoured. For me Nescafe is always the best..ahaks.... free credit to NESCAFE.