Monday, June 30, 2008

Im back

Cameron Highland, Malaysia

Sorry for my absent in this blogging world. At the moment I'm in Malaysia and busy with my work. But I have a lot of story to share especially with the blogger that I met while Im travelling. I landed myself in Singapore before I made my way to KL to meet Lin and then we headed to Cameron Highland. She had to attend a seminar overthere and I enjoyed myself with strawberry, sweetcorn and fresh air. The photo above I shot from the hotel. Now I'm in Kuala Terengganu and I managed to meet 2 popular blogger in East Coast...ahaks... I will update u guys later. Got to go for another appointment ...

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tiger eye
Bentley, Western Australia
Today, Sunday 15 June we celebrated father's day in Malaysia. But in Australia it will be only on Sunday 7th September 2008. So I would like to wish Happy Father's Day to all concern. My sister, S organised for the event. Well, she's always the event manager since we are here. We just chucked in the money and she bought the present for our dad. This time around we bought him Suasa ring with tiger eye stone (color: rich gold with earthy brown). He really wants this ring for a long time ago but keep on changing his mind either to buy it or not.
Tiger eye- the stone of self discipline. It was believed to have healing ability: relieves high blood pressure and very helpful in the presence of following diseases: bronchial asthmakidney, rheumatic heart disease, otitis and psoriasis.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Diospyros - Food of the God
Brastagi, Medan
Alhamdulilah after struggling for few weeks, I managed to complete my task. I managed to key in all the data, I managed to complete all the grant application and now I need to sit and read all about statistic. I just need to refresh my mind with all the boring stuff so call statistic. On top of that, I need to prepare some document and contact few people for my next assignment. My boss will be away for almost 3 weeks, she has to go to Alice Spring, Adelaide then New York. I will then travel once she come back.

Last week my sis and her soldiers went to Persimmon farm which is not far from our house. She brought back very nice and sweet persimmon. I get to know this fruit from my mum when I was a kid. My mum is very fanatic to 3 types of fruits; rambutans, water melon and persimmon. By then, my mum called persimmon as "buah Kasmak". But when I was in UK, people call it Sharon fruits. In in this kangaroo land they call it persimmon. When I was in Medan, they call it Pisang Kaki. The first time ever I saw persimmon tree when I was in Brastagi. Ancient refer this fruit as 'Food of the God', have lead to it classification in the genus Diospyros of Ebony family. Dios - God, pyros -grain or food.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Autumn - winter

Bentley, Western Australia

Dia datang lagi

Merentas waktu
Dia datang lagi
Terasa ke tulang hitam
Itu satu kurniaanNya

Meredah masa
Dia datang lagi
Daun kering menyelimuti jalanan
Itu satu petanda kekuasaanNya

Menelusuri waktu
Dia datang lagi
Ranting sepi tanpa dedaun
Itu satu rahmatNya

Meniti masa
Dia datang lagi
Tundukla hati tanpa bantahan
Itu tetap sebahagian kehendakNya


Today is public hols for Western Australia - Foundation day commemorating the foundation of the Swan River Colony in 1829. Swan River Colony was a British settlement established at the Swan River on the west coast of Australia in 1829.

On the way to my work station, I saw lot of 'naked' trees without leaves. All trees are beginning their long winter's rest. In four season countries it s common to see different colour of leaves. The pigment that colour the leaves are

chlorophyll (green)
carotenoid (yellow, orange, and brown)
anthocyanins (red)