Friday, February 13, 2009

Salam Jumaat...may Allah bless us with HIS mercy and bounty. I just went to Friday prayer and alhamdulilah today there is a huge crowd and as usual some of the congregation participants have to pray outside of the mussola. The mussola is not enough to accommodate all the participants. However, this is a good indicator that there is a lot of Muslim still practising...Alhamdulilah.

But what really strikes me today and made me unhappy...I spot a few participant simply wearing short pants to perform their Jumaah. Is this a new trend? Yea it might not as controversial as what Amina Wadud did last time by leading the prayer and proud to be the first female Imam...but the small thing like this is not healthy at all. I think as a Muslim this is simple knowledge of such a mundane matter of the male aurat. The 'aurat' is between their navel and the KNEE. I'm just wondering even if we need to be fashionable, please dont wear short pant on Friday so that easy for us to perform the jumaah. For God sake its only Friday...maybe the rest of the time we can go home and simple change but not on Friday. As matter of fact the congregational Friday prayer is a must for male muslim. Ok...this is the issue of short pants (at the knee level) and another case where some of them wearing short pants but still cover their knee. We need to be careful. Some of the pants just few inches down the knee and when we perform the solat, the movement especially during the rukuk or sujud, will somehow expose the knee. This is a common sense and as an adult we should be able to think about it. At least if still want to wear it on Friday, bring the sarung.

Mandurah, Western Australia

Maybe I'm sound like Ustaz or Iman but no kidding, as an adult we should show good example to the kids. We dont want them to have an idea that wearing short pants during solat is ok and at the end it become a trend and culture. In fact wearing short pant exposing the aurat is a big sin and what more when we meet Allah. I do wear short but at least 3/4 length so even if I need to perform my solat it wont expose my aurat. I hope this entry will be a good reminder to myself and also my blogger friends.