Saturday, December 27, 2008

Boxing day ...Maal Hijra 1430

Salam..yesterday was a Boxing day...and a friend asked if I watch a boxing match? err..hang on..its nothing to do with boxing..ehehe. The term of Boxing day is originated from the tradition of putting gifts in boxes for the less fortunate. There is nothing ritual about Boxing Day because it is actually a great day with massive discount by shopping outlets. A big name like Myers or David Jones offered up to 70% discount or what we called price attack.

Perth City Centre, Western Australia

Alhamdulilah tomorrow we will be tuned to the beginning of new Islamic Calender. We will be in the new year, 1430 hijra. If you asked me about my new resolution, it would be very general from year to year. I'm always try to get hold on what being recommended by our Prophet Muhammad;
young before old

rich before poor

healthy before sick

"free time" before busy

life before death...
Im preparing myself for those five forgotten fundamental of life. Maybe out of those five, I had gone through a hell lot of turbulance in the quality of my health. Those experienced really made me appreciate what a good healthy life is, how you can really made a good deed when you are healthy, how you can become a better person when you are healthy, how you can treat your parents well when your are healty..... Therefore this is the best time (when we still young and healthy) for us to make a hijra, hijra from bad to good, from good to better, from better to a great man.

This remind me of my blogger friend, and every time I think about him...I will cry deeply in my heart. He had been tested with terminal illness and by now he lives each day. My doa for him may this new year Allah will grant him Shifa and may Allah cure him leaving no sickness behind inshallah.

Perth, Western Australia

Therefore, I would like to wish everybody Salam Maal Hijrah. May this new year brings us happiness and may Allah shower his continuous blessing on us.

Thanks riel for the card

Monday, December 22, 2008

Port Klang - Sungai Buloh - KL Sentral - Perth
Salam...its time..its time for me to go. I feel so reluctant to go back to Australia to leave behind all the loves one.....aiyooo sound so melancholic!
Well here Im, showered myself with the peak summer in Perth. People are busy shopping for Christmas and I'm busy shopping for groceries and what not. The empty house leave me with no food stock. So I better stock up food for the Christmas since many stores will be closed.
As promised, I would like to share my stories with blogger friends. Im having four-eyes meeting with Saudara Izman in Port Klang, Dr Sam in Sungai Buloh and Penoreh Getah in KL Sentral. Since I'm having fun travelling with LRT, Commuter and Putra, I have no problem to meet my blogger friends. As long as their place are well connected with either one of these three public transports, it wouldnt be any problem for me. If you asked me to drive, then I will surrender. I even lost in my hometown Kuching, so not to mention Kuala Lumpur.
#Im so proud with one of the young Malaysian in the LRT that day. He gave away his seat to the old woman. Thats the spirit man! Man with the gold heart.

One fine afternoon, I took Commuter to Sungai Buloh Station. I arrived a bit early as scheduled. Its ok for me to wait since I have no comitment. While waiting, I try to finish reading a novel to make my time fully occupied and at the same time I kept my eyes on the road. After a while, I saw a bimmer parked in front of the station and at the same time I recieved a phone call from Dr Sam. I saw the plate no, and I confirmed with Dr Sam if that was his car. He said yes. I made a move to join this man in his bimmer and at the same time I saw a beautiful young artist came out from the car. I introduced myself to Dr Sam and boarded to his car at the co pilot seat and the young artist seated at the back. So we chit chat while driving and they brought me to the famous Briayani Batu Pahat in Sungai Buloh. Really it was marvellous as compared to Briayani Insaf which always made me insaf at the time I want to pay for the bill. Thanks Dr Sam and Kak Z for the great lunch. Alhamdulilah, they are very nice and always made you feel welcome! Both of them are easy going and we share lots of stories. They send me back to the station and I boarded commuter to KL Sentral. I had another meeting with Penoreh Getah at KL Sentral. Since he was free, so we decided to have teh tarik at KL Sentral. While waiting for him, I went to perform my prayer and then I went to my favourite spot, the bookstore. Penoreh Getah called me once he arrived in KL Sentral and we chit chat as if we already know each other for so long and when I checked the time...gosh Im late to pick up Lin...ahahaha. Penoreh getah also need to go back to his office. So we dispersed to our own destination. Thanks penoreh getah for the teh tarik. InsyaAllah next year dont forget to introduce ur 'ehem'..ahahaha.

Sungai Buloh - KL Sentral, Malaysia
* sorry I have to chop Dr Sam head (Blue shirt) in the photo coz he is too tall ( ahahaha..only me know the real reason why). Kak Z with blake headscraft. Thats me in orange shirt but sorry again my face was covered..err by mistake?..ahahahaha. And that handsome man with beard is Penoreh Getah.
The day before departing to Australia, I received sms from Dr Sam. He and Kak Z wanted to come to my place. So we dated at Giant since that the easiest spot. Lin managed to join us this time around and we had another good time. I had my last teh tarik before flying to Australia. Lin scolded me for letting Dr Sam paying again that night. Actually Lin wanted to buy them dinner but since I haven't packed my stuff and I need to wake up early for the airport, so 'mengeteh' is the best option. Never mind next year InsyaAllah, we can meet up against and that will be on me, ok. And thanks for the gift Dr Sam and Kak Z. May our ukwah remain stronger!

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Crossing to .....
Salam to all my friends...woww...its more than a week already but I have no time to update my blog. Currently I'm in Kuala Lumpur and having a good time here before I go back to Australia this coming saturday. Yea..having a good time...meeting a few bloggers, enjoy myself on the lrt, monorail and KTM...I will update my meeting with my blogger friends later k. A part from that, there are a few things I would like to share...things that I encounter when Im in KL..

Im almost knocked down by the car at zebra crossing and the driver scold me...
owh is it my fault???? Lin told me ..wake up this is Malaysia....not Singapore, UK or Australia! I dont want to debate till the cows come home..I want a change!! Please change our beloved Malaysia to a better place to live.

I skimming through a lot of malay novel in the bookstore and I found out some of the novelist are too excited to create a beautiful, trendy and modern name for the character in the novel. Some of them over do it and make it unrealistic.
Personally I dont think a mother character in the novel should be named after a trendy name!

I went to buy a newspaper with RM50 notes..really I have no small chance. The business operator sound irratating just RM1 la
Owh again is it my fault???? I hate when the operator didnt prepare a small chance. By principle make sure you ready when you want to run a business and remember customer always right.

Before I went to KL, my beloved sis baked a layer cake for me. Im not a big fan of any sweet food but it doesnt mean I dont take sweet food at all. I might have a bite or so and thats enough. This is Kek Lapis Bombay (but Sarawak mari..ahahah). The recipe is given by my late aunty to my mum many years ago.

Kuching, Sarawak

Sunday, December 07, 2008


Salam...Im in Malaysia at this moment. By right at this time I'm supposed to be in Chiang Mai to attend the conference. But due to some problem the conference was cancel last minute. So I decided to go back to Kuching to celebrate Eid ul Adha.

Bukit Tinggi, Klang, Malaysia

When I was in KL earlier I managed to meet my blogger friend, Saudara Izman. I went to Port Klang to meet him since I was free and he was busy at work. I took Komuter from KL Sentral and mind you it was the first time I went to Port Klang. When I reached the Port Klang Station, I felt like in other country ahahaha.... I reached Port Klang earlier and Saudara Izman fetched me at the station. He drove me to Bukit Tinggi Jaya Jusco for lunch. He brought me to Windmill and I was a bit reluctant at first. I know the food is expensive overthere but at the same time I dont want him to feel offended if I asked to go some where else. I dont mind to go to stall or cheap food court as long as the food is clean and good ehehehe. Thanks to Saudara Izman for the great lunch...when I told Lin about this, she said that probably the most expensive lunch I ever had..ahahaha. Thanks Saudara Izman for buying me a great lunch!!! and a good chat too. May our Ukhwah Fillah will remain abadan abada (forever)..InsyaALLAH.

I would like to wish all of my friends and family happy eid ul adha.

Kuching, Sarawak
Last night we started to weave the ketupat shells lead by my mum. I know how to weave it but easily forget and last night I had to relearn how to weave it...uhuhu..but it works.

'May this Eid-ul-Adha become a great reminder to all of the importance of principles such as faith, repentance, honesty, simplicity, equality and concern for the dispossessed and the poor'.