Saturday, October 27, 2007

Raya - 3
Endoscopy Suite, Normah Medical Specialist centre, Kuching Sarawak

I arrived in Kuching on the 10 October. The following day I had made an appointment with the physician. There were three available physicians on that day and all of them I’m familiar with. I prefer to see Dr. G but unfortunately he’s not available in the morning. So I met Dr. C whom is well known for his sense of unfriendliness… whatever!!!….after discussing a few things, he then referred me to general surgeon Dr. L for the endoscopy. I just had my breakfast and medicine in the morning (obviously I’m not fasting by that time in month of Ramadhan…shyyyhhh). By then I was not allowed to take any food till after the procedure. So, he asked me to come back at 3.30 pm and see Dr L. Dr L is very friendly and soft-spoken doc. He went through my file and screens all my history for the last 10 years and he did ask me few questions here and there. Then I got ready for the endoscopy. I came with my dad because I cannot drive after the procedures. The nurse guided me to the endoscopy room which is next to emergency room. My dad and I sat for a while and then the nurse called me in to the suite. There were 2 nurses; the assistant and the instrument nurse around and they asked me to change my cloth and take off my spec. They asked me if I wear any denture but I said no. I lied down on the bed and the nurse covered me with the blanket. Then Dr. L came in and explained the procedure to me. He gave me the injection on my left arm and just in few minutes I’m off. I just woke up after the procedure…Dr. L told me something but I barely can remember…ekekeke kind of drowsy. Dr L gave my dad a copy of CD of my endoscopy and before we went home, my dad settled the bills. It cost us about RM700, not that bad I guess. Since the doc said I’m ok ….so I enjoyed my raya and all the food. But once I got the full report from DR L, then I found out there is gastritis and erosion in my stomach lining. Lin told me I better not take spicy food and carbonated drinks….ekekekek luckily we only knew after raya….if not there is no meaning of raya without all the foods and carbonated drinks. By the way the helicobacter pylori result was negative.


Noushy Syah said...

ALhamdulillah..things turned out to be normal yea..take good care of yourself my friend.

yeah rite carbonated drinks has zero benefits aside from just planting sugar and more sugar in your blood system..

Remember the advert of carbonated drinks using as toilet stained remover?

budak (lara) said...

jaga kesihatan ye?

Mimi Amilia said...

eh..dah ada kat malaysia ek.Dah lama tak singgah blog ni.

Harap arsaili sehat.selamat hari raya!!

p/s: best nyer beraya kat Malaysia.Can't wait to be there!!

Nizam said...

Salam kunjungan dari saya. teruskan menulis!

akirasuri said...


Oh! Dah sehat?
Moga dalam rahmat-Nya..
tulis terus, terus tulis..

jaga diri baek-baek!

echah_syed said...

~ doa auntie sume slmt ~

~ tc arsaili ~

arsaili said...

re: Noushy - yea..alhamdulilah

re: byl - kena la....

re: mimi - best raya kat msia even pun kejap cuma

arsaili said...

re: Nizam - thanks

re: akirasuri - ameen n thanks

re: Echah - makasih aunty

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

Salam Arsaili.

oh laa... gastritis ke. hmm.. avoid spicy food, stress, aspirin (so called as pain killer) n air gas2 sume tu la. jaga diri ok! sungguh ni!

arsaili said...

re: sarah - itu la....tapi suka langgar pantang..erkkk