Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Tarawih at Mussola, Bentley (video clip after 8 rakaat)

What a hectic day...after finishing my shift this afternoon, a friend of mine had introduced me to brother Wassim, a Jordanian. He just arrived in Perth and had been looking for temporary accommodation. Right after lunch (we had our lunch at Sahara CafĂ©, an Indian restaurant) we went to look for YMCA in Perth city. I know there is one cheap YMCA but usually it is fully book. You really need to book at least 1 week earlier. We just walked in and he' was very lucky to get the room…only one room left at that time. It cost him AUD$39 per night but after student discount he only pay for AUD$31. Then we went to Riverdale to pick his baggage and send it back to the YMCA. After that we rushed back to Bentley to perform our Margrib prayer. He asked us to leave him at the mussola since he managed to contact his friend. So, I just leaved my mobile number in case he needs any help later. After Margrib I decided to stay for Tarawih. There was a little confusion because some people said that Ramadhan will start tomorrow and some people argue that it will be on Friday. So after Isya, the mussola committee made an announcement saying that we will start fasting tomorrow. So, I continued with Tarawih but I was only performed 8 rakaat……uhuhuhu ..Can’t afford to do 20..ahaksss... opsss I just received an email from the President of CMSA while writing this entry to confirm that we will start fasting tomorrow;
As-Salamu ^Alaykum Brothers and sisters in Islam. Today is the 30th ofSha^ban and hence tomorrow is the first day of Ramadan. There is a bitof debate as to whether today is the 30th or not. I know from mycolleagues in the eastern states who have released a prayer calendarrecently that today, according to them is the 30th of sha^ban and Iknow that Saudi also is in the 30th of sha^ban so my self I cannotargue with this and Insha-'Allah tomorrow will be Ramadan. And I alsoknow that the majority of the Islamic countries are also fasting onthursday. Ramadan Kareem to everybody and Insha-Allah I will see youall at the Iftar tomorrow night at the Mushalla. Abdul Gane


Sarah Mohd Shukor said...


i know a person named wassim as well. anw, he's from tunisia. its nice to mix around with other muslims from other countries, rite.

klu pg td awk x de selera nk bersahur, moga2 ptg nnti nk berbuka dh ada selera dh :)

arsaili said...

salam..yea..i used to have a lot of muslim friend when i was in Uk, name it..tunisia, egypt, libya, somalia, iran, iraq..but not really in australia. Its a good experience actually...

alhamdulilah..berbuka ok skit..dgn sambal ikan bilis, prawn mix vege..