Friday, August 31, 2007

2 pass 1 fail
Bentley, Western Australia
I went to work a bit early this morning. I didn't realise the fact that I’m early only when I reached the car park. There were only small numbers of cars. Usually I need to make a few rounds before I managed to get the parking. Today is not a public holiday in Western Australia and hell its definitely not an Independent day (merdeka! merdeka! merdeka!)....uhuhuhu..Then I checked my watch, its not even 8 am, no wonder! What an early bird. While marching to my workplace, my brain started to compute the suitable activities to do while waiting for my shift. I decided to check my emails and read news online. Well, today was quite boring, not much queries and not much work to deal with. After finishing my work, I grabbed some lunch (beef stew, vegetables and plain rice). Then I went straight to the Health Centre. They did take another blood sample yesterday. It's not the same nurse so I can feel the pain. Unlike the previous nurse..uhuhuhu.. I missed her! It’s not that painful but only the exaggerated feeling! Today I made it on time in fact I’m early for the appointment (learn from the lesson!!! No more Malaysian time). Once the doctor called me in and ushered me for the seat, he explained the result to me. I passed all the tests except 1 test. Another two tests I’m doing ok, nothing to worry about but another test I need to repeat. Iskkk..feel like sitting for the exam..pass, fail and repeat...uhuuhuhu. He made an early appointment for me on Monday morning next week. But I do believe I will pass the repeat test because I’m "clever enough"...ahahaha...missed old good days when I did my full with tests, assignments, exams.. I like assignment but not exam. Assignment is something that you are fully can do like there's no tomorrow to get the best result. But when it comes to exam or test, there are many external factors influence your performance. For instances your nervousness can affect your performance. You can’t give your best!! After all the hassle with the work and the health things, I went to Jumaah prayer. The khutbah today is about fasting..marhaban ya Ramadhan. Few points I would like to share;

The month of Ramadan is an opportunity to develop qualities of endurance and self-restraint, to control anger and a fiery or malicious tongue

"The strong man is in fact the person who controls himself at the time of anger."
The above Hadith is stated in Bukhari.


©Opah De said...

Semoga sihat... sakit apa sebenarnya?

baiksss said...

assalamualaikum tuan arsaili,

cerita pasal pass fail and exams ni mmg tak akan abis.even smp mati pun pass fail akan tetap wujud dalam ruang kehidupan kita sehari-hari.tul tak?

kenapa ek tuan buat blood test tu.nak tau jgk ni.. :)

arsaili said...

re: opah & baiksss

sakit sakitan...cari nyanyi cam lagu " cubit cubitan..sengol sengola" muahhahahahaha... ada masalah skit aa Opah..sekarang kena buat monitoring every 6 months..cuma harap semua ok..sebab kalau progressing tu tak bagus la. InsyaAllah ok...bole hidup seribu tahun lagi..ekekekekeke

adrenaline said...

hye..which part of aussie r u located nw??sorry am a random blog hop