Friday, August 17, 2007

"Ini Bahagianku Di dunia" as quoted from KS blog
Westfield Carousel Shopping Centre, Perth

When I read this wordings "there's something for everyone", its remind me of one of the entries from Kassim Selamat..."Ini bahagianku di dunia". Yea..Allah is the Al-Mighty..each and everyone of us have our own faith and destiny, there's always something for us, might it be good or bad. For instance we might think sickness is bad for us, but only Allah knows what is really good or bad. I think that’s why people come out with the term 'A blessing in disguise'. We don't recognize the mussibah that we face at first as a good thing. So, always look on the bright sight of life. InsyaAllah.."there's something for everyone", but I would like to remind myself that our life just like a rollercoster, there is up and down.

To KS, keep on writing coz I will always miss the entries. Yea..take a break but don't dissappered ok. Recite as many du'a as possible KS...

La ila ha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minazzalimeen(Ch. Al-Anbiya (21): vs. 87)And Yunus, when he went away in wrath, so he thought that We would not straiten him, so he called out among afflictions: There is no God but Thou, glory be to Thee; surely I am of those who make themselves to suffer loss.

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