Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Keroncong buat Ana
East Victoria Park

I had really late dinner last Sunday. I was fall asleep and when I got up it’s almost 10 pm. I can hear the pleasant sound of a growling stomach …I guess my stomach started to play a beautiful song call “keroncong buat Ana”…but the sad thing is that there was no food for dinner (uwaaa sedih sey). I’m so lazy to cook in the middle of the night. Well actually I don’t want to disturb my neighbour next door. The wall is very poor sound proof insulation…but I had no choice. I’m “hungry like a horse” I decided to cook egg sauce bihun, simple and fast recipe (for lazy people like me). I tried my best to minimise the sound effect and you can imagine how polite I am that night. If not you can hear all the utensils kind of flying here and there. While chatting with Uncle J, I managed to prepare my dinner..ehehe..I told him that I’m “killing two birds with one stone”. Let me share the recipe….

*Heat 2 spoon of cooking oil in wok
*Stir fry garlic and onion till yellowish
*Add some water
*Add corn flour (which already dilute in water)
*Add fish sauce, oyster sauce and soy sauce
*Put squid and fish ball
*Put carrot and pak choi
*a pinch of salt
*at last, put egg and stir

I never measure anything, so all measurements are approximate and should be adjusted based on your taste.

Then serve with bihun…walla!!!!!


yanglerni said...

sedapnye masak bihun...mai sepinggan

arsaili said...

lerni...try la sendiri..ehehe, sy masak mana sedap..main taram je

jeff said...

whoaaa .. that one is really tasty. my choice for supper ? maggie pun ok lah .. heeha

arsaili said...

jeff..maggi, indomi..dah berbakul2..tak larat dah..ehehe..need decent food, kalu tak bole punctured!