Friday, August 10, 2007

One down, more to come!
Rotness Island, Western Australia

Alhamdulilah!!!!! one hurdle down, more to come. I’m done with my candidacy after struggling with sweat and pain. The presentation in front of the professor, associate professor, senior lecturers and friends took almost 1 hour including Q&A session. The session also reached lecturer in another campus with teleconferencing. I started my presentation with no emotion and butterflies in my stomach all flew away. I regain my confidence with the supports from the member of the floor. In this country, people are really helps when it comes to presentation. The best underlying principle is that they really want to help by giving brilliant suggestion not CONDENMING. The same scenario also happens in UK. I still clearly remember during my viva session when I was in UK few years back. Two professor from other university (external Examiner) and 1 internal examiner created a relax and friendly moment of time for me when I hardly can’t sleep the night before facing the stomach churning so call viva. They really help to cool me down and I can be myself to defend my thesis up to my knowledge with no interference of nervousness. Anyway, it is such a big relief after the candidacy. My supervisor said she’s happy with my presentation and I can celebrate…but “don’t get yourself drunk”! I just smiled and deep down I want to explain that as a Muslim, I don’t take alcohol at all. I did celebrate but with my friends at one of the Malay restaurant.

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