Monday, August 13, 2007

Eating by colours

French cutlets, roasted potatoes, grilled mushroom and tomatoes

Eating is one of my favourite activities. Well of course people need to eat. But I think I have extra passion for food. Err …maybe I can be considered as one of the gastronomist. But the irony is that my body maintain like a plank of wood. Well, nothing surprise at all because I’m not a healthy child anyway.. My weight dropped after undergoing major operation about 10 years ago. Ever since my weight just increased a few kgs till now. I have lots of advise from friends and relatives…you should eat a lot bla..bla..bla… but its only my closed family knows who am I..the food monster. My big sister used to warn me to watch my diet because she worried I took a lot of food with high cholesterol. People always relate the high cholesterol with big size but it is totally wrong. Even slim people also facing the same problem… When I lived abroad for almost 5 years, what I missed most is my mum’s cooking and Malaysian food. I think by then I started to appreciate my own country and lot of my friends agree with me. Well this is the most common issues shared by Malaysian living abroad. “Anywhere is always lesser than one's homeland, no matter how lacking it can be”…. or 'Hujan emas di negeri orang , hujan batu di negeri sendiri, baik lagi negeri sendiri…' At the beginning, it so difficult...I’m lousy in cooking but for survival cooking skill is a must. I cannot eat kebab all the time because my ‘Malaysian stomach’ need rice and Malaysian food. Thanks to technology, with the help of internet, I can access to lot of recipe and from there on I keep on trying all different kind of recipes. My mum help me a lot, she is my call center. As time goes by, my skill is getting better. When I returned to Malaysia, I was pampered by my mum, all the stalls and restaurants. Easy access to foods and busy with works make me full time gastronomist rather then a ‘chef’. The lazy syndrome develops faster than anything, so I just cook once in a while…and I found out most of my skill tarnished. There is a lot of recipe that I used to remember by heart, now all gone. I don’t expect that I will be away from Malaysia for another longer period, so now I start all over again. It’s not too bad though, I just need to polish a bit here and there to improve my cooking skill. When I’m writing this entry, it does remind me of arwah Zul. The colon cancer that took his life.. .kind of alert me to watch my diet and “eating by colour”. Eats balance diet with more vegetables and less red meat will help.

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