Saturday, August 11, 2007

Life is like a boat
Rotness Island, Western Australia
In the blink of eyes, they lost their parents and 3 other siblings. What even worst, the 15 years old survivor saw the fire swallowed her loved one and can’t do nothing to help. She is traumatised with the incident. This heartrending story makes me ponder and I belief all things happen for a reason. In this world, not all people are fortunate. I can imagine parents with 3 children at the university and the rest still schoolings need lot of money to spend;

Jiran-jiran keluarga itu mendakwa ibu mereka, Sufiah pernah mengadu keluarganya kesempitan kerana wang banyak dibelanjakan untuk membiayai pendidikan anak-anaknya. Lima hari lalu bekalan elektrik ke rumah itu dipotong kerana suaminya, Kasmuri, tidak dapat menjelaskan tunggakan bil sebanyak RM800. Sejak itu mereka sekeluarga menggunakan lilin dan api lilin itu dikatakan menjadi punca kebakaran tersebut.

Due to incident, they are killed in a horrific blaze that gutted their wooden house in Kampung Tengah, Kluang at 3.30 am. This is all faith, Allah loves them more.
This what people said, the love of the parents is more than anything. They will sacrifice for their kids. This is a good lesson for me as a son to fulfil my responsibility towards my parents. If they can take care all of us, there is no reason for many of us can't take care just both of them. We will be at their shoes one day. After we have grown old and our children have flown the nest and have their own nests, you are sent off to the Old Folks' Home, what will be the feeling? That’s is the reason, if we treat our parents bad, most likely our children will do the same when we are old.

Al-fatihah to the victims and May Allah place all of them among the believer..ameen. And to the survivor and the rest of their children, I hope they will study hard because with the ilmu they can change their life and also be good children. Always pray for the family members that passed away.

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