Monday, August 13, 2007


Sorrento Quay, Hillary Boat Harbour

On the way back from AQWA - the Aquarium of Western Australia, I went to Sorrento Quay for window shopping and looking for the food. But nothing much in the shops and even the kebab outlet sold only halal chicken kebab and the rest of the menu are not halal...umm..I don't feel like eating there. So I just walked around the open space to get some fresh air. Somehow I saw a signpost and as my eyes caught the name of Kuala Lumpur on one of the direction I felt so proud (reflexion of Bulan Merdeka..ehehe). At least the aussie recognized Kuala Lumpur as one of the major cities. But when I got closer, my enthusiasm drained to disappointment......KUALA LUMPAR...what a shame!!!!!! Can you all see it???


jeff said...

i think it's like that so they can pronounce it correctly ?

terima kasih lawat blog saya :)
datanglah lagi

arsaili said...

maybe and maybe not, sebab tu kata nama khas...betul ka..lama dah tinggal tatabahasa nih..ehehe

selalu dtg, cuma kekadang tu tak dan nak tinggal jejak