Tuesday, August 28, 2007

One fine Saturday

Australian Islamic College, Kewdale Western Australia

Subject: Pre-Ramadan Islamic Bazaar this weekend

Assalamu Alaikum IBC - Islamic Books & Clothing from Melbourne are coming to Perth for one weekend only to hold an Islamic Bazaar. We have literally picked up our shop in Melbourne.....................

When: Sat August 18th & Sun August 19th
Where: The Gymnasium at AIC Kewdale President Street, Kewdale
Time: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Who: Everybody is Welcome

#Excerpted from the email send by info@islam-australia.net

Last two week, I went to Pre Ramadhan Islamic Bazaar with a friend. At first we thought Kewdale is very far, but on the day we want to go, I found out its not really far from my house...heck...just wasting my energy to think about where to pray, where to buy halal lunch etc... it is on the way to Belmont Shopping centre. I drove pretty confidence since I'm familiar with the main road and there is also a detail map that I bought. The best thing in this country, the layout of the road is very systematic. You just need to count how many junction or traffic light as a guide and it will lead you to your destination. The problem occurred when we reached the Australian Islamic College (AIC). At the main entrance, there is no sign or banner about this event. There is not even a single car there. They must be kidding if they assumed all people would know where the gymnasium is. I checked at the back entrance on the left wing but there was no crowd at all. I drove back to the main entrance. By then there were 2 cars on the parking lot. So, my friend asked one of the lady drivers if she got any idea where is the event taking place. She's also on the same boat. So, I decided to drive and check the right wing. At last I found it. It is not near to drive from one end to another end, from one wing to another wing. This is very lousy promotional technique, arrrgggh!!!. When we entered the building, there were lots of items available especially the Islamic books. When I just about to do the cruising, I heard the adzan zohor. So, I decided to join the jamaah which was held outside the gymnasium but still in the building. After the prayer I continued with the cruising and I found 3 interesting books. There are quite expensive but it should be ok. You can't compare dollar to ringgit right... But the worst thing is that, all that 3 books are still intact on my bookshelf. There are endless list of books I would love to read. But I'm so busy with my work and project...maybe later when I'm in the stress mode and my brain are saturated with works and project, then I will pick one of the book from the list. I think the bestseller novel by John Grisham is at the top rank of my list at this point of time.

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